Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

         Wow it has been a really long time since I posted. Life has been changing for our family. Daddy did not get his dream job and we were all very disappointed but we kept our eyes up and waited to see where the Lord was going to lead us next. We sold our house in December and rented it back from the buyer until May1st. In Feb was when we found out that we would not be moving across country, so we knew we needed to start looking for a place to rent closer to Daddy's work. When we first started looking it was pretty depressing because with our budget it was looking like we would be living like sardines. Then one weekend I was really disappointed after looking at one of the houses. I knew we were going to have to get rid of the piano and it would be a really tight fit. After discussing this we decided to up our rental budget by $150. Later that week my husband was offered a different job position at work, he decided to take it because he would be working 8to 5. First time in almost 17 years. Boy were we all excited about this news. Then a couple of days later his boss called him to tell him he was also going to give him a raise. What?? Could this really be happening at a place where Daddy was sure he would never move up. It was and it was all God.

         Now on to the house. We had gone to church on Sunday and Marc had asked for prayer for us to find a house we could afford in our rental budget. We stayed for our usual fellowship l inch and then had an appointment to look at a house that was about 10 minutes from church. We looked at the house wrote a check for the deposit and moved in about 3 weeks later. Now we live 10 minutes from church and about 20 minutes from daddy's work. God is so good how he works all the details out. A year ago I would have never seen us living here and I never thought my hubby could be happy with the company he was working for. We persevered this trial and the Lord blessed us many, many times over.

         One more little note. A cute note to say the least. Last night during dinner our 8 year old was telling Daddy about a mule that she saw at her friends house. He went on to tell her that you could only get a mule if the a donkey and horse are bred together. The conversation goes on with the questions of how come mules can 't have babies? Then well how do they mate? As it keeps going I am thinking to my self I really don't want to have this conversation right now. Our little 5 year old finally chimes in with ," If they can't have babies they could adopt." We all laughed and were thankful for a little change of topic. But then again the 8 year old asks, " Well how do they mate daddy?" "By clicking their heels together." This was her answer and this is how the conversation ended for now...... We will discuss it at a much more appropriate age. For now in our family we have come to the conclusion that mules can adopt if they can't have babies, and that they mate by clicking their heels together. Nice way to end the dinner conversation.

I'm glad to be back and I hope I haven't lost all of my followers.
Have a blessed week.