Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Best Actress Nominee

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
We have been blessed with a child actress.
No not really, but one who I think could win the Academy Award for Best Actress.
Our 8 year old got three teeth pulled yesterday so we told her that she had to take it easy and that she wouldn't be helping with the chores for the next couple of days. When she first got home from the dentist she was a little tired and I told her to lay down for a while.
Well at dinner I think the "Laughing gas" had not worn off yet because she was being really silly. It was time to set the table and get drinks and we told her to sit down and let her sisters serve her. At that time she starts telling us how it is so terrible to not be able to help. Daddy and I try not to laugh and tell her that is wonderful that she enjoys helping around the house.
O.K her comes the award for Best Actress. She proceeds to tell us that the best thing about being in a big family is that everyone has to do chores and work to keep things running. All right she is 8 and she is the one after five minutes of starting her chores is complaining about how all she ever has to do is clean. Now you understand why we say we have been blessed with a child actress.
I am hoping that it was just the "Laughing Gas" that had her in such an altered state. I am not to sure that Hollywood is the road I want her traveling.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Peter Potty

Last night our children all seemed to have an extra amount of energy. This makes it difficult when it is time to sit down and have family devotion. As we try to get the children to settle down to listen they just seemed to get more and more giggly. Remember a house full of girls can get pretty loud sometimes. Especially when all 6 of them have the giggles.
Once we got them quiet my husband opened up his bible and said tonight we are going to look at I Peter. Our 3 year old has a special blanket she has to hold all the time and last night she couldn't find it so before we had started my husband said go up and get it out of your room. As she was walking up the stairs she yelled down to him,"Just like the Peter Potty."
Daddy and I both looked at each other and said,"What is she talking about?"
The girls proceeded to tell us that she calls those white Porto potties a Peter Potty. Then we all were laughing and couldn't quit. I am not sure that our family devotion was to successful last night but it sure was fun!!! I am remembering to Count it all Joy!
Here are some other cute words that our three year old has created.
De De.....................................Blanket
Peter Potty...............................Porto Potty
Butter Chips..............................Cheese Quisidilla
Fat Hot Dog...............................Polish Sausage
I know there are more but Mommies brain has gone blank for the time being. I will return another time with her silly words.

Friday, June 8, 2007


My 4 year old and I have been talking a lot lately about obedience. She is the child in the house who seems to always fly under the radar. Everyone could be busily doing their chores and she is no where to be found. Daddy and I have caught on to her tricks lately and she has been receiving great amounts of discipline.
Yesterday Peanut and I had a serious talk about her behavior. I told her that I could not continue with her school unless she started obeying Mommy better than she had been. She is not the typical child who says yes Maam. She says yes Maam but needs an explanation for everything. We are also working on her obeying without asking why? Well back to her always wanting an explanation, she proceeded yesterday to want to know why she needed to obey while Mommy was teaching her Phonics. I told her because This was going to help her to learn how to read.
Then she said,"If I don't obey then I will have to do pre-school my whole life."
I said, "Yes and you won't be able to read to your children someday."
She said, "Mommy I will just read my pre-school books to them."
These are the times when I just have to laugh inside and wait to see the fruit of our labor.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!(No I'm not pregnant.) My little peanut(#4) started school yesterday. This is big because she has been bugging me about this since September when her bog sisters started their new school year. It was a very interesting day to say the least.
At breakfast I told her it was her big day to start her Hooked on Phonics. She thinks that is the funniest name and giggles every time. We talked about how she had to obey and listen to mommy or she would never learn how to read. She said she would obey and really wanted to learn how to read like her big sisters. Then all of a sudden with a very serious look on her face she said to me, "Mommy I don't think I can start school yet." I was thinking to myself she has wanted this for so long and now she is getting scared. I said, "but why honey?" She said with her thumb in her mouth, "I haven't stopped sucking my thumb."
She was right she hadn't stopped sucking her thumb and we had told her that I wouldn't start doing school with her until she had stopped sucking her thumb. Well her and I had a talk about it and she was going to continue to work real hard on getting rid of that bad habit.
Now we were off to start our first lesson in Phonics. I got everything ready and then pushed play on the tape player and it didn't work. If you could have seen the look on my child's face you would have thought her favorite pet had died(and we don't even have pets.) She was devastated. Mommy to the rescue, like always.
I move everything and get it all set up again and hit the play button on the tape player and we had started. Yeah!!!!!! we have officially started school and she is happy as a kid in a candy store.
Oh yeah, let me mention that our classroom yesterday was in the front seat of our fifteen passenger van. It was a sight to see but that was our only working tape player and it also shows how creative homeschooling moms can be.
So that was our first day of school and it was FUN!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Flood

In the morning I try to sit down and read the bible to the girls while eating breakfast. Just recently we got finished with the story of Noah and the flood. I explained more in depth since the older ones couldn't believe that there was water that covered the whole earth. we spent a whole morning just talking about how the water was so high it was over the mountains. They thought that was just amazing. Now I know that you are thinking that every kid knows the story of Noah and what is the big deal.
Well you see for the past month we have been getting rain and rain and rain and then some more rain. So the other day we were driving some place and it had just rained and they saw a rainbow. I said there is God's promise to us that he won't ever flood the world again.
My oldest one says "Mom how can God make a promise to not flood the world again and it keeps raining here." So I then explained to her again that he would not wipe out civilization with a flood. She still had a little worried look on her face, but said o.k. I understand. I told her God's promises are true and she doesn't need to worry. O.K God you can stop the rain now anytime.... Well I guess I should be happy she is worried about the rain and not the latest boy who she will like. The innocence of children is so much fun to watch.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


O.K. You are probably thinking what is this going to be all about. Well it is pretty funny. The other day I am talking to my girls about cooking and they start telling me about all these different meals that they can make with some gadget that is like a blender. I am thinking to myself what are they talking about?
Well you see we only get basic cable which is only channels 3 through 22 and there are very few programs that are appropriate so I find out that my 10 year old and 8 year old have started watching infomercials. All right I know what you are thinking that they are being aloud to watch T.V. without supervision but there are times when mom needs to take a shower so I tell them to put it on PBS. Well they like the infomercials better. I have learned a lot about products that are being sold on T.V. and I think that they are all junk. It is still fun to hear them tell me about all these little gadgets they are learning about(and it is also nice to know that they have great comprehension skills.)