Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year of Joys and Sorrows

Well it is almost 2009 and I really don't know where this year has gone. It has been a wonderful year with many changes that were both good and bad. I have been visiting many blogs tonight and looking into other people's lives. As I write this post I am reminded of a blog I read tonight and the writer asked what will you remember about this last year. I am sure most of you all know by now that we welcomed our first son into our family this year so I will have to say that is the event of 2008 that will be forever etched in my memory bank. It is a day I don't ever want to forget.
Other memories I have of this past year seem to be sad one's. For some reason we dealt with death a lot this year. My husband lost both of his grandparent's within a 6 month period. We rejoice for them as they are sitting with their Lord but we also miss them. I still remember sitting at the cemetery for Grandma's funeral. After everything was done and we were all leaving my mother- in -law looked at me and said, "Susan I am so glad you are hear to show us that a new life is coming to join our family." We at that moment both looked at my very round belly and I believe we both felt the peace and love of God. It is a moment I will never forget. The other memory that sticks out in my head is at Grandpa's funeral just a few months later the family all gathered around. I looked at everyone and saw things in a different light this time. Now I was holding my son and couldn't help but tear up as I watched my father -in-law and his mother stand arm in arm. I saw a glimpse of me and Levi some day. A mother, still after all those years comforting her son in a time of need. It was bitter sweet moment that I will never forget. And of course I have the many memories of our children laughing and crying and just being kids. God is so great to our family. It has been a great year and I look forward to this next year. I wonder what road God will lead us down in 2009!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Aprons

Here is our little Levi!
I did it and I can't believe it. I had this wild idea last week that for Christmas I wanted to make my girls reversible aprons. To many of you who know how to sew you think this is really no big deal. Well for me it is huge this is my first sewing project ever. Well I did it I made six aprons in one week and I finished them before midnight on Christmas Eve. The girls loved them and were so excited. Some of the girls wore them all day today. The neat thing about this project is I really enjoyed making each apron. I did something special for each girl and I think I will continue sewing. It is relaxing and gives me a little hobby of my own.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Away in a Manger/Victory in Jesus

I thought I would share a little song that our 2 year old has started singing. We have been singing Christmas carols lately and she has one that she loves to sing. Away in A Manger this is her pick every time we ask her what she wants to sing.

Well this is how she sings it

Away in a Manger

My saviour forever

The Little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head.

O.k. now that middle line goes to one of her favorite hymns that we sing, Victory in Jesus. We all laugh every time she does this and she gets so mad because she believes this is how the song goes. Well one day she will get it right, but then again she does have it right.

Monday, December 15, 2008

When God Speaks

When God speaks to us it is in many different ways. Sometimes it is through a message, or a song, or a persons circumstances, and sometimes it is very quiet and you really struggle to hear what He is telling you. I think that is because we are so busy he needs to tell us in many different ways. Well today he spoke to me about five different times about the same issue. The last time he shared this with me I finally heard it and got it. I am so thankful for such a patient and understanding God. I wonder if He is up there saying to Himself is she ever going to get it, or does He just smile and say, "Now she understands." It doesn't really matter what He says I just am so thankful that I have Him in my life to talk to me and help me through these trying times.

Our Sewing Experience

Well our sewing experience went well the other day. I have not had a chance to take a picture yet of the final product but it turned out to be really cute. I learned a lot from this dear woman and I have a few projects that I will be sewing for the girls for Christmas. I am going to be busy since we only have a week and a half. I am looking forward to doing more projects with the sewing machine. I will try to post pictures of the vest later today.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am so excited because there is this sweet lady in town who is teaching me how to sew. YEAH!!!! She is coming over this afternoon to help me make a vest for Levi. I have material leftover from last year when I had dresses and skirts made for all of us and now Levi will have a matching vest for Christmas. I will let you all know how it went and post some pictures of my first project. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Future Mother of America

Yesterday afternoon we were all eating lunch and I had called for Creighton to come into the kitchen. I turned around and this is what I saw. My little 6 year old holding her brother in momma's sling and Levi was as happy as can be. You can see that he was sound asleep in sissy's arms. My first thought that came to my head was what a great little mother she will be someday. Thought I would share this little glimpse of our life with everyone. Let's all encourage our future mothers of America and lift all of our daughters up in prayer and encouragement when we see these moments.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seasons of Life

We have many different seasons that we go through during our childrearing years and I have hit a new one. My two oldest girls had their first babysitting job today. One of the ladies in town who is the oldest of seven called yesterday to see if the two older girls could babysit for about an hour. I told her that would be fine and I would bring them over since this was their first time going over to someones house to baby sit. When I got their I took them in and talked to the mom for a few minutes and encouraged them in some different areas and then I left. I came home and got my other children lunch and we all sat down to eat and then have quiet time. My mom asked me when I needed to pick them up and I told her that they would be getting dropped off about 1:00 p.m. I looked at my dad and said, "I am now venturing into a new season and I am the mom who is getting calls for her girls to babysit and no longer the mom looking for the babysitter." Pretty scary how quickly they grow up.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What A Wonderful Moment

As I came down the stairs the other night this is what I saw. I couldn't pass up this Kodak moment. I loved how they all were so interested in watching their little brother. He was smiling and cooing at Daddy and all the girls thought this was just great. They couldn't seem to get enough and wanted to be as close to Dad and Son as possible. Hmm this reminds me of something. Aren't there times where we feel this way about our Lord? I wish those times never ended but with our busy lives we all lead we tend to sometimes wander away. I hope too remember whenever I look at this picture to be reminded that I need to be always desiring that closeness. I also wish I had a little tape recorder so you all could hear the laughter that went along with this moment. These are the times when I know that choosing to let God lead our family in every area even children was the best decision. He always knows what he is doing and what is best for His children. Have a blessed weekend and soak up your little blessings.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here I Go Again

I promise I won't make this a habit. I just am not as eloquent of a writer and am still a little upset about the outcome last night. I found this site that was written beautifully and has moved my heart back to having respect and praying for our new President. The site is

I was so sad last night as I watched millions of people think this man was going to make some tremendous change in our country. I got to the point where I couldn't even watch. I have had time to pray and focus my heart back and Jesus. We will be fine and so will our country. I just will keep praying for those unborn children that have no voice. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me." I know he did not mean for them to come to him this way. Exactly on e year ago today I lost my child to a miscarriage. It was such a sad and lonely time for me. But you know who got me through it? Our wonderful saviour. He comforted me and gave me Hope. I will still put my Hope in him and I will still sometimes cry for those children that will never get held and kissed by a loving mom or dad. I will also cry for those moms who one day will fall down on their knees and weep for what might have been. Right now I encourage us all to pray for this nation, and rejoice that we will see Jesus again. We all can be the voice for those who have no voice; the unborn!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Check This Post Out

I don't normally do this on my blog but I just read a wonderful post written by a dear friend of mine. Please stop by and check it out. I agree 100% with everything she wrote. Have a great day and don't forget to vote. Here is the link

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our First Day

Yesterday was our first day with just the four little ones and we had a really great time. The beginning of the day we did absolutely nothing. Mommy took a nap on the couch with the two year old and the other two watched PBS. Then we got up from nap had a snack and then went to the park. It was a beautiful day and we could have stayed there all night but I figured we needed to eat dinner at some time. I took them to McDonalds and actually bought them Happy Meals. This is a huge treat for them because we always buy off of the dollar menu. So they all thought that they were pretty cool. Then I got them ready for bed and let them watch a movie.

Mommy actually got to talk to a dear friend who I haven't talked to in a long time. It was very encouraging to hear how positive this woman is. When I first met her she never talked like this. I marvel at how she sees the good in everything. God has shown me this lately with different people that have come across my path and I believe he is telling me to trust him in everything and look at things with an optimistic glasses not pessimistic ones.

One more little note to add to this blog is that my son fior the past three days has decided that he needs to get up at 4:00 a.m. and stay up. I am tired but also getting to spend some fun time with him during the early morning hours.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They're Off!!

My husband and three oldest children left today for Hastings, Nebraska. Grandpa went home to be with the Lord on Monday and we decided that only Daddy and the big girls would go to the funeral. We were all out there in June for Grandma's funeral and we just took Levi to see Great Grandpa last week. I find it is not very easy traveling with a six week old so we figured this would be best for our family. It feels a little weird because we don't normally do this. Either we all go somewhere or Daddy just goes by himself. I really don't know what I am going to do these next few days but I hope I will be able to have some quality time with the little ones. The funny thing is that the three youngest girls are inseparable and pretty much entertain themselves so I am thinking it is going to be a time of relaxation. I will let you all know what we do for these next couple of days.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're Back

We are back from our quick trip to see Grandpa and I am so glad we went when we did. we got there Tuesday night and he was very alert and knew who we were and he was very excited to see Levi. we got some great pictures of Great grandpa with his newest grandson. Yesterday he was in some pain so the morphine that was given to him helped with the pain but really knocked him out so we didn't get much visiting in. I hope this journey does not take very long. I talked to his daughter today and she said he is now becoming agitated along with being in pain. I pray that the lord will show us all mercy and take Grandpa home very quickly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A quick trip

Well my husband and I are headed to Hastings Nebraska for a few days to say good bye to his dear Grandpa. We just learned yesterday that Cancer has invaded his body and he has a tumor on his vertebrae that has paralyzed his ability to swallow. He is 85 and desires no form of treatment so we know that he body cannot live without food for very long. He has had a great life and will be with his dear wife who went home to be with Jesus in June. They will once be together again. He knows about Levi and was very excited that God blessed us with a son. We will be taking Levi with us so Grandpa can see him and we can say goodbye. Pray for the other children as they will be staying home with my parents. Also pray for my husbands mom she will no longer have any parents living once Grandpa passes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life- It Is Priceless!!!

First let me start with saying that I am not really sure why I am writing this post. Last night I watched the debate not to decided who I would vote for but to listen and hopefully be reassured that my candidate was the right choice. And I think I was but there was one topic that really pulled at my heart. It was the topic of abortion. I am pro-life and have always been but last night I was moved to tears and am right now as I type this. Something tugged at my heart as they talked about their different views and as I sat holding my son I was overwhelmed with emotions. I normally don't like to talk about issues that are this controversial but I think the Lord showed me something last night. I couldn't help but cry as I looked at my helpless Levi lay in my arms. He is not helpless because there is something wrong with him he is helpless because he needs love and touch to survive. I also sat there and thought about babies that don't ever get that chance to have the love and touch of their parents. They didn't ask to be killed. I think last night for the first time ever I was grieving for all of those babies that did not get to live out God's plan for them. I was also rejoicing that my husband and I decided to let God control our family size. If we would not have let God be in control we would not have a beautiful son. I guess I just needed to vent and share how I was feeling. I truly have a different feeling about abortion and really understand how many precious lives never even got a chance all because Big Brother thinks they know best.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maclae's New Camera

My beautiful sleeping baby boy!!!
Big Sis Acting silly!!!
This is the real Reaghan, our opera singer!!
My sweet little Creighton just being herself.
Maclae being silly with her new camera.
Maclae got a new camera from Nana and papa for her birthday so I decided to display a few of her first portraits. Pretty interesting and silly. I think she is enjoying her new toy. I will be curious to see how the pictures change as she gets older. Hope you all enjoy Maclae's first masterpiece's I know mommy sure did.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well lately I have been really struggling with my children and the way they behave. I know whenever we have a new baby things seem to go a little hay wire but this time I feel like it has been really bad. I know that one of our problems is that we have not been in the word everyday. Isn't it neat to look at children and see when they lack discipline you can see it in their behavior, and when you look at adults who lack discipline you can also see it in their behavior. Well I have come to the conclusion that I have been lacking in many areas and it also is effecting my children. I do need to be more consistent with them but I also need to be more consistent with my Lord. When I do both these things my house runs more smoothly. So through these last three weeks I can now see that God is teaching me to be more consistent, especially with him. I will be working on this and I will let you know how things are going.

I guess my kids are not the only ones who need some discipline in their lives right now. I'll let you all know who figures it out first the kids or Mom.

Monday, September 29, 2008

An Award

I received this award from a a wonderful blogger out there who I visit quit often. Thank you Becki @ http://www.blessedwitholiveplants/ , I really appreciate it and have loved getting to know you and your family through your blog.

I would like to give this award to some of the other blogs I read and really enjoy. Thanks for letting me see into your lives and glean from you and your families.

1.Mary who is a dear friend to our family @

2. Allison @





7. Lori @

8. My mom @

Enjoy everyone and pass this on to 7 other bloggers that you all enjoy reading.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Creighton

O.k. I am a little behind with birthdays this year and I am trying to catch up. My little Creighton turned 6 on July 17th. I am just now posting about it because mommy was very lazy this pregnancy.

Creighton you have been such a wonderful blessing to our family from day one. The smile that you always have on your face let's us all know how much Joy you have in your heart. You truly are a free spirit and I love this about you. I watch you play and can see how much you enjoy life. I wish we all could be this happy all the time. You teach me so much everyday through your actions. Thank you for being such a happy and joyful child. I pray you continue to live with this Joy through out your life. Happy birthday honey. Sorry it is so late.
Momma loves you.

What a Wonderful God We Serve!

Life is great right now. I have been doing some pondering lately about life and how God is so amazing. Today while talking to a friend of mine about this last pregnancy and delivery I have had time to think about how amazing God is. I really struggled this pregnancy with trust. I knew I loved God and trusted him but I did not trust him completely. There were many different factors that I was dealing with in my life that I just couldn't give to God. Let me rephrase that: I could give them to him it was that I chose not to.

Well now that I can sit back and look at these past nine months God has been doing some major transformations in my life. I am so thankful for all that I have learned. It was not an easy road but when we remain obedient and diligent the Lord will always see us through. It is amazing to me how merciful he is to his people. We don't deserve all that he has given us but that is what is so wonderful about our God he is Merciful, Gracious, All Powerful, Wonderful, Magnificent, Loving, and Trustworthy. Wow just looking at these words makes me stand in awe of who he is.

One last thought as I close up this post. I sit today and look at all of my children and am so thankful to have seven beautiful, healthy little souls to raise up in the admonition of the Lord.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Levi is One Week Old!!!!

Here is baby Levi. He is one week old today and I can't believe it. I am particularly biased because I am his mom but I think he is a cutie. I still have to pinch myself because Sometimes I can't believe I have a son. God is Great.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Baby Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!

The baby has finally arrived. I went into labor yesterday Sept.13 at 6:30 a.m. Things went pretty well but I won't go into all the details right now as I am supposed to be upstairs resting. So I am sure you are all wondering what we had. Well I first I will tell you that baby was born at 4:15p.m. and baby weighed 9lbs. 4 oz. This was our biggest baby so far and believe me I like them to be just a little smaller. We made it though and mom and baby are doing great.

So I will finally tel you that God blessed us with a beautiful BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!
We are all still in a little shock right now, but we are so happy.

God is so good!!!

Oh yeah and his name is Levi Charles.

I will be back in a couple of days. I am going to get some rest with my new son. (doesn't that sound great)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Officially Overdue

The title says it all. I am officially overdue. I have never been overdue with any of my babies so this is a very strange feeling for me. I am doing o.k. though. I know the baby will come soon it just feels like it can't be soon enough. I think I might be taking the baby ticker down so I don't have to be reminded everyday of how many days I have gone over.

The midwife comes today and i am going to finally have her check me because I want to know if my body has done anything yet. If it hasn't I will be pretty disappointed so let's pray that is not the news I get.

I do know through all of this pregnancy I have been really scared about the birth and I am now to the point where I am excited. Isn't it neat how God can work in our lives in every situation and we don't even realize he is doing amazing things. I spoke to one of my girlfriends last night and she was the one who mentioned this to me. She told me how she would listen to me talk about how nervous I was and now how excited I am to give birth and how God's hand has been at work on this the whole time. I don't know why I have gone over but I do believe God has been preparing me for this birth and he knows that now I am ready. What a great God we serve, he can take our fears away and in return he gives Hope and Peace. I will keep you all posted. Soon, soon, soon we will have that little blessing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Still Ticking.

Well as you all can see my baby ticker is still ticking. I really can't believe it. I thought I would be holding a sweet little bundle by now but I guess God thought different. I am o.k. just getting bigger and bigger and beginning to feel like baby will never come. Which we all know is not true. It is just called being impatient which I am very impatient right now.

My best friend Susan just flew in on Saturday so hopefully baby will come pretty soon. I am so blessed to have friends and family who care so much to take time out of their busy lives to come and be with my family as we celebrate this new birth. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without them. God has truly blessed us with many blessings. Well that 's about it for now. I am really sorry it has been so boring lately I am sure it will liven up soon.
God bless everyone and keep checking in for the news of #7 will it be a boy or a girl???

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm so Excited!!!!

I am sooooo excited!!!! We have been in the stone ages for a long time and we finally are out of them. Our computer was at least 8 years old and was as slow as molasses. We had no sound and I hated to be on it. Trying new things with my blog was just not going to happen on this old dinosaur. Well we were blessed with a new computer and we are now like other normal families. So the main reason I am so excited is that I got on to my favorite blogs tonight and I was able to hear the music. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The more I found with music the giddier I got. I have been missing out on so much and now I can't wait to do that to mine. So hopefully now that we are out of the dark ages my blog will get to looking a little more interesting. Give me some time maybe after baby comes but i am definitely going to change some things.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Closer

I am now getting to the point in my pregnancy where I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever. I look at the little baby ticker on my blog and get so excited to see the days ticking away. I can't believe that in hopefully less than 13 days I will be holding my newest child. I feel like I have waited so long. I have also realized how Gracious God is to our family. He blessed us immediately after the miscarriage with another baby and everything has been just perfect this pregnancy. As my husband and I were talking the other night we were trying to pick out names and we found one that stuck out to us because it meant "God is Gracious." right away my hubby said that is perfect he has been so gracious to us by giving us another baby. We still have not decided yet but it is a good possibility. We will let you all know when baby comes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things are still the same.

Well nothing has changed here. I saw the midwife again today and everything looks just fine. Now it truly is just a waiting game and trusting God to bring the baby in His time. I really am tired of being pregnant and am getting excited about holding our new little one. At night I lay in bed and look at the babies bed and imagine the baby laying there. It really is exciting bringing a new life into the world. And I find that it doesn't matter how many times you do it the excitement is just as grand every time.

All the girls are getting very anxious and there favorite question for me is "Mom are you having contractions?" I am getting a little tired of hearing that but I am excited to see their excitement. So for now I have not a whole lot to say other than hopefully this baby comes real soon. So keep checking back because I will try to post when I am in labor so I have prayers sent up for baby and me.
Thanks everyone.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our First Dose of Labor

We had our first dose of labor the other day and I forget how disappointing it is when it stops. You are so excited to have the baby and your contractions start and you fell really good and it goes on for about 5 or 6 hours and then it stops. Well that is what happened to me on Tuesday. I went to lay down for my nap at 1:00p.m. and could not get comfortable. It started out as what I thought was just an achy back and then it went into contractions . My midwife was scheduled to come for an appointment so I was very thankful that I would be able to talk to her and let her know what was going on. Everything was going great and I was beginning to get more and more uncomfortable and then about 10:00p.m. I started feeling some relief. I thought to myself it is going to stop. Of course it did and I fell asleep about midnight. I just keep telling myself it was not God's time for us to have the baby.

Since I started having my babies at home 6 years ago I have learned a lot about how the Lord wants us to look at childbirth. It is not about us being comfortable or about the Doctor picking the day so he can have the weekend off. It is all about letting God be in control and sometimes that does mean being uncomfortable, and it does mean going overdue, or having three episodes of labor before the baby finally comes. The one great thing about this is the day you hold that baby in your arms it was so worth all of it. I know it giving God control of everything is very difficult but I have learned through this phase of my life it is the best choice I could ever make. So all of you out there who read my blog please don't be surprised if I write about more than one of these episodes. But God is in control so the next time might be it we just never know. I just know that I will "wait upon the Lord." through this and all will turn out glorious.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Counting Down

Yeah!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! The Birth Kit has arrived. It is now official, there is no turning back we are going to have a baby soon and Mommy is really excited. I think I have been in a little bit of denial about this birth. I couldn't really grab onto it and picture having another baby in the house. I have been excited since the day I found out but also a little nervous with it happening so quickly after the miscarriage. I praised God and was so happy to know that he was blessing us with a Gift so quickly but I still was a little gun shy.
It has been a long year for all of us. Last September I found out I was pregnant and for some reason that baby was taken home to be with the Lord in early November. I had to rest in God and have Hope in Him, and nothing else to get through that sad time. Now almost a year later of finding out about the pregnancy in September I will be giving birth to a precious baby who will live with us here on earth. What a great God we serve. As I sit and write this I long to know and hold Baby Charlie. I know in my heart I will someday so for now I just rest in the Lord and am thankful for the baby I will be holding very soon. I sit here and cry and am not sure why, tears of Joy and sorrow mixed together. I do know one thing I am officially excited and can't wait to share with all of you the blessed day it will be once this baby arrives.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Midwife Appt.

It seems to be that I am the point in my pregnancy where all I write about is being pregnant. I am so sorry and please forgive me. Before long all I will be writing about is the new baby and then you will get sick of that. I will try to find some other topics in the near future.

Well I just had to let you all know that I saw the midwife yesterday and everything went really well. It actually went better than I could have hoped for. Baby is already down and in position. She was actually a little surprised at how far down baby was. Which was encouraging for me because for about a week and a half I have been having contractions on and off and they have been pretty good lately. They are even starting to go around to my lower back. Which means my body is doing something. Now don't get to excited I do this for about a month before I have mt babies but I really think this baby will be coming in August and not September. I am not going to get my hopes up but it is encouraging to know that this will soon be coming to an end and that i will be holding my precious gift in hopefully a couple of weeks. I will keep you all posted.

I have been doing some strange things lately. Tonight I was in the back yard on the ladder trimming trees. So we will have to see .....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Couch

I have now gotten to the point in my pregnancy that sleeping in our bed just does not work. Every night I go to bed and toss and turn for about 20 minutes and realize I am not comfortable. Then I get up and go to my favorite place our trustworthy brown couch. We bought this couch jus tbefore I got pregnant with our 4th born so it has been with me through this stage now for 4 pregnancies. I don't know what it is about this wonderful piece of furniture but as soon as I lay down and snuggle up against the back I am lulled fast to sleep. Now I am sure you are wondering why don't you try that with your hubby. We have tried everything, using pillows wedged up behind me, laying back to back, having me go to bed first so I can get comfortable, believe me nothing works. I feel so bad for my husband but he completely understands and knows I will be back to our bed as soon as baby is here.

I just wonder what is going to happen the day we have to get rid of that special couch. I guess that will be the day that God will be telling me no more babies. Well at least that is what I hope. I am sure my couch has another 10 or 15 years left to be my companion during these last weeks of my pregnancies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


O.k. the old wives's tale is that if you have heartburn when you are pregnant then you will have a baby that has a lot of hair. Well this baby better have the fullest head of hair that I have ever seen. I now get heartburn whenever I eat. It doesn't matter what I eat, how little I eat, or when I eat. I get Heartburn. Just this morning I had a plain bagel with butter and a glass of Red Raspberry Tea and what do you think happened? Yep, you guessed it, I got heartburn.

Now believe me I am really not trying to complain because I love it when my babies are born with a full head of hair. I just don't care for the discomfort during the time that I am having to experience this wonderful feeling. My first born had so much hair she looked like a Monchi Chi Doll when she was born. It must have been all that heartburn I had during her pregnancy. Hers was so bad that when I would drink water I would get it. That truly is no joke. One night when I was about 7 months along I thought I was going into labor and my dear mother explained to me that it was only heartburn. O.k. It was my first pregnancy so I didn't know what I was doing. So I am very curious to see this new little one's head. Will it be full of hair or bald like it's daddy?

Monday, July 28, 2008

This and That

Not much has been happening here lately. We are all getting very anxious for the new arrival and we are settling into a routine again. It always seems like summer just messes with our schedule. I told the girls we needed to work on getting back into some kind of schedule before baby comes. We all know that doesn't happen overnight so we are beginning now. I know it always makes for a better transition with new baby if there are very few interruptions in our daily life.

Daddy and I seem to be on a second honeymoon lately and I love it. He is so compassionate and makes me feel like a princess everyday. We were just talking yesterday about how we grow more in love with each other each year. Thank you God for orchestrating this marriage.

Nana and Papa will be coming back in about a week and a half. The girls are very excited and mommy will get to rest for the last month of the pregnancy. I really am blessed to have family that helps out as much as they do. Thanks Mom And Dad.

I guess that is it for now. And if something exciting happens I will try to blog about it.

See you all later.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Way to Early to Be Nesting

O.k. this is way to early for me to be nesting but since Friday that is what I feel like I have been doing. We went to Omaha Friday afternoon to pick up some bunk beds, so I could get the 2 year old and 4 year old settled before the baby comes. Well on the way home I was looking at our van and decided that I was sick of it looking disgusting. So when we got home around 8:00 p.m. I told my husband I was going to clean out the van. He said, "That would be fine with me because I am going to have that older girls help me put the bed together." I asked him if he would please take the seats out of the van so I could clean the seats and the car seats. I don't know what happened but I was like a crazy woman in that van. Everything is spotless and shiny and looks brand new.

The next day I started my next task which was bring all the clothes upstairs from the basement for the two little ones and getting their room organized. This also required me to go through my stuff because my husband and I were using the guest bedroom as our closet room. Well today I finished that task and everything looks pretty and in order and I even got rid of three bags of junk. Yeah!!

Tomorrow I am headed to the basement to the big girls clothes and get rid of some of their unnecessary things. I feel so energized it is actually a little scary since I still have a little over 7 weeks to go. Man if I can get all this done now can you imagine what I will be doing when I am really nesting. I can't wait.

Believe me I am not complaining I just can't believe I feel this good and I am going to keep getting as much done as I can while I feel like this.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Day at Church

Today we went with some friends of ours to their church to visit on Fellowship Sunday. We have been going with them every once in a while for the past year. It is a wonderful church and we really enjoy the times that we have gone. Today was especially great because the Pastor was talking about Fear and spiritual warfare. The one thing he said that I know to be true but I have not been focusing on is that God does not give us a Spirit of Fear. We all know that but have you ever been some place at a certain time and it just hits like a brick in the head. Well that was what happened to me today. It was as if God was speaking directly to me. I know it seems like something little but Fear can paralyze you and keep you in bondage. That is how I have been feeling lately about this birth. Like I was paralyzed and I couldn't even begin to think of how i would get through it. My two older children shared with me tonight that they had been afraid of somethings but that they were going to start going to God when those fears creep up and reading scripture. We as parents can tell our kids these things but I think sometimes they need to hear it also from someone who they respect and hear that we as parents aren't being weird but are just trying to help them.

Well onto the fellowship part of the day. That was wonderful. My husband is really starting to open up more to the families there and we all feel real relaxed and comfortable. It is a long drive so we are just praying and trying to figure out what God wants us to do in this situation. We are going to start with once a month and who knows God may move us to going there more often or he may close the door and move us someplace else. He knows where we are supposed to be we are just waiting and listening to Him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary

13 years ago I walked down the aisle and said ,"I do" to the most wonderful man. It is funny how I think about that day, I was in love with him but didn't understand how each day I would grow deeper and deeper in love and how the love would change over these next 13 years. We have grown together in so many different ways that I think sometimes that is why our bond is so strong. We were not terribly young but pretty young in some people's eyes. We were both 21 and thought we knew everything. So over these past 13 years we have conquered the world and life together. What a wonderful experience it has been. Yes there have been some down times but the up times have been the best and most memorable. Many children we have been blessed with along the way and as we continue on this journey together may we be blessed with many more.
God you knew what you were doing when you placed us together and I thank you for such a wonderful and Godly man. Sometimes I wish it wouldn't have taken me this long to figure out that you gave me the one that was meant just for me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just A Little Note

Just a little note. I saw my midwife on Monday and everything is looking great. ON the other hand emotionally I have been a wreck this pregnancy. I have really good days and then I have weeks where I can't believe we are doing this again. My husband and I committed our family completely to the Lord almost two years ago and I am seeing how Satan does not like it. I shared this with my midwife and she spent almost an hour praying with me and encouraging me to stay strong in the Lord and he will be my rock. Well she was right and I knew that I just needed to make my flesh die and surrender. The other night I cried out to God and asked him to carry me the rest of the way through this pregnancy and delivery. I feel so light and I feel like I have reconnected with God again. I have another woman in my life who I want to say thank you to for continuing to encourage me through this. You know who you are and I hope to continue to be blessed by your wisdom even when you move. God I thank you for loving me and helping me see that I am your child and that you do want the best for me. I am so blessed to have such a great Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Let's see. I really don't have much to say. I have been really lazy about blogging lately and I really don't have an excuse. I love reading everybody's blogs but I just feel I have nothing to say right now. I have been pretty tired lately with the pregnancy and that might be keeping me away. I don't want to complain because I really want to enjoy the end of the pregnancy. I am doing a lot of organizing around the house and trying to get stuff ready for baby. I know i still have quit a while but towards the end time gets away from you and before you know it you have a new baby and nothing ever got accomplished. I am really learning right now to keep my eyes focused on God and just enjoy where he has me in my life. So other than that things are pretty much the same in our house and when I have something exciting to blog about I will. Thanks for still reading I will try to get better.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a Great Visit.

What a great week we have had. My husband's sister and her family came to visit us for a few days and we all had such a wonderful time. They live in Phoenix and lived there for part of the time that we did but we were never really close. God has mended a relationship that was broken mainly because of me. I had some things that I was not willing to forgive family members for and as I began to grow closer to God I knew I needed to forgive and seek forgiveness. This week was our time to physically be together and have that mending manifest itself in our relationship. There were lots of late nights, lots of tears, and lots of laughs. I am so thankful for a God who mends broken hearts. It all starts with that little thing called forgiveness.

They are now headed to Novia Scotia, Canada to start a new journey in their lives. I know that God will bless them and that our relationship with them will continue to Grow. I am so thankful I had the time to spend with them before they move and just let them know how much we love them and are thankful they are family.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spider bite

My second oldest just ran up the stairs right now and said, "Mom a spider just jumped in my mouth and bit my tongue." I ask my self how and try not to laugh. She said, "I was making my bed and it was a baby jumping spider and jumped in and bit my tongue. " Now that she is gone I have to laugh because how could her mouth have been open just at the right time for the spider to jump in and bite her. I love this child but there always seem to be some amazing and silly things happening to her. Thank you Mackey for always making me laugh.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Idea

O.k. yesterday as I was sitting on my couch looking around my house I got this wild idea that I wanted to purge and get rid of stuff. Well let me tell you I am one of those who thinks it all needs to get done in one day. So I woke up this morning and was really excited because Daddy had the day off and he said he would take care of the kids so I could do what I wanted. YEAH!!!!

Well we had a quick change of plans when we went out the freezer to get bagels. Our 9 year old came back in and said,"Dad the meats all squishy." Great you know what that means the deep freezer had quit. Well we did some investigating and it had not quit it had just gotten plugged into a socket that didn't work. Go figure . Had to have been one of the kids. So hubby spent the morning cleaning out the deep freeze and I decided I would go upstairs and start purging all while trying to still potty train. Mistake!!! Lets see she pooped 2 times on the carpet, peed 2 or 3 times and I just kept getting more and more frustrated. After we had lunch I figured I was being really selfish in trying to accomplish this task of purging while potty training and Daddy busy disinfecting the freezer. I guess I will try tomorrow. And we sometimes wonder why we are so stressed out. HMM could it be we bring it on ourselves????

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Culture Shock

This week is what we call culture shock for the baby. We are potty training and moving into a big girl bed. So far so good. We put her into a bed on Sunday afternoon and she has not been back in her crib since then. Sunday night was pretty rough but my husband and I know it just takes a few rough nights and then they are pretty adjusted. She did not fall asleep until 10:30p.m. and woke up at 2:30 in the morning. Last night was awesome. We put her to bed and she started to cry and get upset we told her to stop this was her new bed, gave her a few books to read and she was quiet. She didn't wake up until 8:00 A.m. Praise the Lord the transition is easier than I thought it would be.

Now the potty training of course is not always that easy. Yesterday she peed three times and didn't make it to the potty chair. But last night as we were all getting ready for bed she went in sat on her chair came and got us and told us she was done. She had done all this by herself and felt very proud. I think she is getting it. So this week we stay home and do nothing but let her run around in a dress with no diaper and then by next week we should be to the point of wearing panties.

We figure we might as well traumatize them all in one week and then all the work is done. It does make for a long week for mom and dad but once it is over we are all happy. So keep us all in your prayers this week as the baby grows up real fast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Children are a Blessing

I really don't like to blog about touchy subjects but I have felt the need to blog about this particular subject. This is more for me so I can look back at this when all of my children are gone and raised and remember those days of us committing our family to the Lord.

We have had many people ask us when we will be done having children. Our answer is we just don't know because we have left it up to God. My husband and I decided after our 6th baby that we would trust the Lord in every area of our lives. We mean every area. That includes the size of our family. I know a lot of people don't understand that concept but then I also know a lot of people who have been there to help us along this path. We are currently pregnant with number 7 but are totally open to more if that is what God has in store for us.

This pregnancy has been very difficult financially and physically. There were times where I questioned if what we are doing is right. There were days when my oldest had to prepare all the meals for the family and help get them dressed and taken care of for the day. As the pregnancy has advanced I have watched become more willing to help and not even need to be asked. She has learned to love her sisters even when they are annoying her. We have all become very close and I am thankful for that. At my last midwife appt. I asked the girls if they wanted to go to the museum with their Grandpa and none of them wanted to go because they wanted to be here to hear the baby's heartbeat. It has been such a blessing to have the whole family involved. This birth we have decided to have the older one's be involved and I believe this will be something they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I guess I just wanted to let people know that when they see a child whether it is one or ten remember they are all gifts from God and they are all a blessing no matter how few or how many. So when you do see that lady in the store with half a dozen children smile and tell her," What a bunch of blessings you have."

And to all of you who are struggling with a decision like this remember God will take care of all the details and all of your children will be just fine if you remember to put God first.

A Day at The Nursing Home

Yesterday we went to the nursng home to do little skit for the residents. We focused on God being Love and all the children got to dress up and do a little fashion show. Then we talked about all the different pieces of clothing and how they represent God's Love. It was so neat to see the smiles on all of the resident's faces. We have been taking the children their every month for about nine months and I can see how the children are beginning to feel more comfortable with everyone. At the end of the skit we sang songs and the residents joined in and sang along.

What a wonderful day we had spreading God's love to a generation of people who I really believe are sometimes forgotten. We all need to remember that we are going to be their age someday and I pray that I am not forgotten. It is so easy to just love someone. It makes them feel so important and needed. I think sometimes I feel more blessed than they do when I walk out those doors. The saying is so true "you are blessed to be a blessing"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time with Family

Well we are back from the funeral and I am so glad we were able to be there and spend time with family. My children had a wonderful time watching their Dad interact with his cousins that he had not seen in many, many years. The oldest child told us her favorite part was getting to meet new family who she had never met before. The children got to spend time with their Aunt Kristin who they have not seen in a year and a half. They had a blast. She is so great with them and just lets them be kids.

We all enjoyed seeing Grandpa and he was moved to tears by having all of his family their by his side. What a great example of a Godly family. Everyone came together and rejoiced a life that had been full and had given Glory to God. I had time to think about many things and as I watched the three sisters sitting together at the grave site holding hands I was reminded again just how important the little things are. A loving home, a hug, a smile, an I miss you, a sister to be with you during a thunderstorm, etc. This is what life is all about being Jesus to each other and not worrying about everything else. I know that when the Lord welcomed Merces into his home he stood and said," Well done good and faithful servant."

Lord, Just help me to remember the little things in life and stop worrying about the worldly things. Help me to be Jesus to everyone I come in contact with, and Lord I pray that everything I do brings Glory to you. Thank you for Life it is such a wonderful gift.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well hubby and I had a wonderful weekend at the Homeschooling conference. We were encouraged and refreshed and ready for another great year with our children. It was great to spend time just being husband and wife which I think we all forget what that is like at times in our lives. So to sum it all up it was GREAT.

Know on to my next news. We had received a few phone calls from my husbands parents through out the conference on how his Grandma's surgery had gone on Friday. The news was not good. They had found her completely full of cancer and had found a huge tumor behind her stomach that they were not able to remove. We knew it would not be long and that her recovery was going to be painful and we were just praying for peace for Grandma. Well Yesterday at noon she went home to be with the Lord. She never woke up from surgery and we are so thankful that the Lord brought her home quickly and protected her from the pain.

She lived a long life of 80 years. We are so blessed to have gotten to spend wonderful times with her. She completed her task for the Lord and now she is with Jesus with no pain and full of the peace that we had prayed for. God is so good to his children and we are so thankful that she did not have to suffer.

Friday, June 6, 2008

What an Interesting Week This Has Been

This has been a very different week for me. It has not been bad just a little busy and sometimes not really feeling focused.

At the beginning of the week we got news that my husbands Grandma had ovarian cancer and it was pretty bad. After sitting down with the children and telling them this we all prayed and waited to here the news of the surgery. The next day we were told that the Doctor whowas going to remove the cancer had run some tests and they had all come back negative. Praise the Lord.

Then I saw the midwife this week and it was a great appointment. We have decided to let the 11 year old and 9 year old be at the birth. This wonderful midwife spent about 30 minutes telling them different things that will be going on and each appointment she is going to go over more with them. At the birth she said she would explain everything that is going on. It has been a different pregnancy this time my older ones seem to be very involved. My 11 year old walks up to me a lot and holds my belly and says,"Mom I can't wait to meet my new brother or sister." It has been fun to see the children this excited about a new sibling.

Then as the week went on we have had storm after atorm. We have been here for 3 summers now and I have never heard the tornado sirens go off. The last two nights they have gone off and we have been in the basement. But we have been safe and have had no damage so I guess I can handle the sirens and the basement if the outcome stays the same.

Now Hubby and I are off for the weekend. We are going to a homeschool conference which I love. I haven't been to one in 5 years and I really need a boost. This will do it and the best part is hubby and I get some time alone.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

My baby is now 2. I can't believe that she is already two years old. These past two years have just flown by. I also can't believe in a few months she will no longer be the baby.

Kharis has been such a joy to our family. From the day she was born we have loved her and have had many laughs with her. Her first day of life was a glorious day and every day since then we have been blessed by her. The children all welcomed her with open arms and I remember the transition being very smooth. We had one little problem and that was one we had no control over. The 4th child was upset it was not a boy. She said, "I told you guys I wanted a brother not a sister." But after a few hours she was happy with her new little sis. Who couldn't be she was just like all the others.

Over the past two years it has been such a joy watching her reach her milestones: rolling over, crawling, sitting up, walking, talking( she has a large vocabulary for a two year old.)

I just thank the Lord everyday for all my little girls and I thank you Lord for our next little bundle who will be here with us very soon.

Happy Birthday Kharis, Mommy loves you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 100th Post

Oh my goodness. I have finally hit my 100th post. It has only taken me forever to achieve this. Now it is going to be interesting to see how long it takes me to actually finish it. Today is May 27th and we will see now how many days or weeks it takes me to post this.

Here it goes my list of 100 things about me. Some of these may be silly or sad and some may be from my past that were not so Glorifying to God. But hopefully we will all see how God can refine and mold the dirtiest piece of clay into something beautiful. Don't get me wrong I am not perfect but he has cleaned me up a lot and I am hoping that He now sees me as beautiful.

1. When I was two I got into my mother's bright red lipstick and drew all over my neck and chest which in turn looked like I had cut myself so Mom and Aunt Debbie totally freaked out.
2. I have one sister who lives in Oceanside, Ca.
3. My husband and I both come from a family of parents who have been married for 38 years. (What a blessing)
4. I accepted the Lord at youth camp when I was 14.
5. My husband Baptized me in September of 2002 right after he was Baptized.
6. I have 3 nephews.
7.I went to all 4 of my high school proms. (9th, 10th,11th,and 12th grade.)
8.I was not very innocent in High school.
9. I grew up in the same house my whole life.
10. My husband and I have moved 4 times in almost 13 years of marriage.(not bad)
11. I have a true best friend that God put in my life almost 12 years ago, and her names is also Susan. Distance will never keep us apart.
12. I lived in the same house my whole life in Hemet, Ca.
13. My Senior year of high school I was put on school probation because I had ditched so much.
14. I got around that and still figured out ways to ditch.
15. When I was little I always told my parents I wanted 12 kids. (We are half way there)
16. I have had 3 babies at home and soon to be four.
17. When my husband and I had been married for five years we almost didn't make it. We went to a Christian counselor for 3 years and recommitted our lives to Christ. (Thank God for his redeeming grace)
18. When Marc and I got married we were big time partiers.
19. After 2 children we were sure we were done. Well we wer wrong we are now on number 7.
20. Footloose was my favorite movie in high school.
21. My first car was a VW Bug.
22. I played the saxophone in band and yes I was a band geek.
23. I had a favorite cat named Foxy who I used to dress up as a baby and push in a stroller.
24. In 5th grade I wore pink to school everyday.
25. When I was 15 I went to my first Bon Jovi concert. ( I was so in love.)
26 My husband and I dated for about 2 weeks and then I dumped him because I thought he was too nice. 7 month later we were married.
27. Two weeks after we got married he went out to sea for 6 months.
28. I served in the Navy for 1 year, 1 month, and 1 week to the day.
29. My parents met my husband before I did.
30.When I was 15 I wanted to live with my cousins in Iowa on their farm. Now I do live in Iowa.( Boy God really does start preparing us at a young age.)
31. When I met my husband I wanted to be a Doctor in Boston.
32. Well I am a Doctor, just without the paper and of course not in Boston.
33. My Junior Prom my parents said they trusted me to make the decision as to when to come home that night. Well we decided to stay out all night. Wrong choice.
34. When I was a senior in high school I was engaged to a young man and he broke it off 2 weeks before graduation.
35.My graduation is a blur to me because of an altered state I chose to be in.
36. I have no tattoos.
37. I did pierce my belly button when I was 29 and took it out 6 weeks later.
38. My two favorite movies are Anne of Green Gables and Gone With the Wind.
39. When I was about 8 my Gram gave me perm and no kidding it turned out like Shirley Temple.
40.My second born is a little me. (Which can be challenging at times)
41. I hate the game Trivial Pursuit.
42. Monopoly is my favorite.
43. My husband and I went on a cruise for our tenth wedding anniversary we hope to do that again for our 15th.
44. I have been to the Gran Canyon, many times.
45. Never been to New York but dream about going their.
46.My children have never been to public school and I hope to make it that way all the way through.
47. Too be able to stay home without working we moved from Arizona to Iowa. (This has been a blessing even though it was a hard transition.)
48. Most of our friends who lived in Phoenix have also moved so this makes it easier knowing I am not missing my old life.
49.Right now I am reading the Bible, Breaking Free by Beth Moore, and Amy Carmichael.
50. The last movie I saw was Horton Hear a Who.
51.My favorite book of the Bible is Ruth.
52. My favorite person in the Bible is Esther.
53.My favorite color I would say is pink, brown, and black.
54. My in-laws live in Phoenix.
55. My parents live in California.
56. I got really depressed about 6 months before I turned 30.
57. My husband and I always said we would never have children in our 30's. (We are going on our 4th child that will have been born in our 30's)
58. We have no pets.
59. E/R has been my favorite show since it began.
60. I wish I knew how to sew.
61. My favorite place to live would be anywhere that stays a constant 70 degrees all year long.
62. Math is ny best subject.
63. When I am looking at houses to buy the first thing I look for is where to put the Christmas Tree.
64. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
65. I had a surprise birthday party for my 29th b-day.
66. I would love to go on a missions trip someday.
67.Casting Crowns is one of my favorite bands.
68. I was 17 and a half before I got my first driver's license.
69. My first job was in a pizza place.
70. My favorite job was at a seafood restaurant in Oceanside, Ca.
71. When I was a kid I loved being at the beach.
72. I still do just no beaches around us.
73. When I was 15 I flew to Florida to visit my friend for Spring Break.
74. When I was 14 I stayed for two weeks with my Aunts in Indiana and was homesick the whole time.
75. I had a crush on my sisters first boyfriend, John.
76. My favorite food is Crab.
77. Cookies are my favorite dessert.
78. I could eat a whole bag of Taco Doritos in one sitting.
79. In High school my best friend was Andrea, and Leanne.
80. I don't talk to either one of them anymore.
81. My favorite name for a girl was Emily and for a boy it was Drew. (This was in High school)
82. When I was little I collected Cabbage Patch dolls.
83. I used to love going to VBS in the summer.
84. I had knee surgery when I was in 9th grade.
85. I had my tonsils out when I was 5 or 6.
86. I got the chicken pox in Kindergarten.
87. I have one baby waiting in Heaven for us.
88. Nursing babies is one of my favorite things to do.
89. This is really getting old.
90.I love to cook new recipes.
91. Fall is my favorite season.
92. The Amish community intrigues me.
93. Tetris was my favorite video game in high school.
94. I used to smoke.
95. My sister and I never got along until we were adults.
96. Jeremy was my first real boyfriend.
97. Mrs. Nord was my first grade teacher and she was my favorite.
98. I had to walk to my first day of kindergarten with my big sister.
99. Jesus is my saviour.
100. When I get to Heaven I hope he looks at me and says ,"Well done good and faithful servant."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The 2 Year Olds Prayers

Every time we sit down to eat someone is picked to say the prayer to bless the meal. The little ones like to be picked and are always raising their hand so I will pick them. Well lately the 2 year old thinks she needs to pray at every meal even if someone else has already blesses the meal. We let her do that and she feels proud so what does it really hurt. So tonight at dinner Daddy had said the prayer and we had asked her if she wanted to pray. There was no answer so we all decided to go ahead and start eating. Well about 5 minutes into the meal she has her hands folded and is screaming,"I Pray, I pray." At first I couldn't understand what she was saying and then I figured it out and of course we all stopped and let her pray. This is what she said,"Dear Jesus, gibber, gibber ,gibber, AMEN." I have no clue as to what she said but I am sure he does and that is all that matters. I wonder if when we pray all she hears is gibberish and I wonder what God hears. It really made me think about how I talk to Him and I am going to try to make it more meaningful and not just meaningless done out of duty. Thank you little girl for opening up my eyes to my sometimes gibberish talk.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Dream

O.k. everyone I had a dream last night and I am still in shock. I have had dreams before when I was pregnant about the baby but nothing this graphic. I was above myself in the dream and was able to see the whole delivery. It was amazing and so real. As the head began to crown and then be delivered it was beautiful and the baby looked just like all of my other ones. In my dream I reached down and helped pull the baby out and placed it on my chest. Now this is what really got me It was a BOY. No joke clear as day I was holding a little boy on my chest. I am still in shock as I write this because in my gut I think this is a girl again but now I wonder if God was showing me something last night and we are going to be having our first little boy. We will have to wait and see and either way I will Love whatever God gives us because a child is a blessing no matter whether the package is Pink or Blue. Only a little over four more months and then we will all know who this little bundle of JOY is.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Pregnant Lady and The 61 Year Old

The last two days we have spent removing wallpaper from the kitchen. It has been interesting to say the least. The kids have been entertained with my Dad over int he little guest house so that leaves my mom and I to a quiet house. But I have to tell you one thing if you were a fly on the wall you would be laughing. Picture a five and a half month pregnant lady whose tummy decided to pop out this week bending and climbing to reach different areas of the walls. I have done o.k. so far but by the end of the day I am so sore I walk like I have stick in a place where it shouldn't be. Then there is my mom,she is wonderful and such a help but I realized the other day that our parents do age and they are not as young as they used to be. So the two people in this house removing wallpaper this week are the 61 year old and the pregnant lady. Seems kind of strange don't you think. I will let you all know how long it takes. I am sure longer than it should but we move a little slower than others. Where is my sister when I need her.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Is Here

It is finally Spring here. Just a few months ago I thought this wonderful weather would never come. These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. The kids and I have spent many hours outside playing and walking and having picnics. This is the time of year when I really appreciate living here.

The other day I was driving down the street looking at all the green yards and was amazed at how just a few weeks ago we were still getting snow. Now everything is green, the weather is beautiful, and the flowers are blooming. I get to hear the laughter of the children and the chirping of the birds, this is a great season.

It also makes me think about the different seasons we go through in life. A winter season in life can be really rough but then Jesus redeems us with a wonderful Spring or Summer. What a faithful God we serve. We all know that there are seasons that we will go through, but from know on during my Winter's I am going to try to remember that a Spring is just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ray Ray

Well Sunday was number 3's 8th birthday. We started the day out going to church. When we got home we had a big meal planned but the electricity was out so we couldn't use the oven. She was a real trouper about this and didn't even complain. About 5 minutes later the electric was back on and we could get started with the meal. God took care of that for us. As always he was there to see us through even with the little things. After the meal we opened up gifts and had cake and then watched a movies that she had picked. Alvin and the chipmunks, that is the one and only time I will be watching that one.

I have had some time to think about what this child means to me and how precious the last eight years have been with her. I think about how her Dad and I were so settled and determined that two children were enough and we would be able to give them everything they needed and wanted. Just as we had decided to make the appointment for my husband to go in and have surgery to make this decision final we had a little curve ball thrown our way. That was the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. Nine months later we were blessed with our 3rd little girl and who would have known that this would be the beginning of a new life for us. This was when our faith really began to grow and when we began to see our children as such a blessing. I think about how God knew what he was doing even though at the time we couldn't see it he was slowly changing our hearts and desires. Now as I sit here and write this I am expecting baby #7 and am so elated that God has trusted us with so many of his blessings. Our 3rd child was more than we could ever expect. She was the child that God gave us at time when we really needed her, but we thought she needed us.

My little Ray Ray you have been such a blessing to our family. You always have a smile on your face that is grinning from ear to ear. I sometimes think it is the face of God smiling at me saying ," See I am right here with all of you." Happy Birthday little girl. And thank you God for letting us have her in our lives, she is truly a blessing!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Disappearing Five Year Old

Every night we have the same routine in our house after dinner. All the children know what to do and each one pitches in to help to get the kitchen cleaned up in a timely manner. Lately we have noticed that when everything is cleaned up the five year old is no where to be found. Everyone is busy cleaning and clearing that we seem to never notice this disappearing act until everything is finished. We seem to always find her in the bathroom doing her daily deed. I tell her how convenient that you always have to do this right after dinner. We have been trying to pay more attention and make sure she is doing what she is supposed to be doing but sometimes she is very sneaky and we don't even notice she is gone.

So the other night it was kitchen cleanup and we were almost finished when I said to everyone,"Where did number four go." We couldn't find her and one of the sisters said she was in the bathroom which is where she is most of the time. Well we were all wrong number five found her hiding in a little ball under the table where no one could see her. Well things are being done differently now. No one does any of their chores until number four is visible and accounted for. We will see how this works.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Post About Nothing

Well I am sitting here at the computer at 2:00a.m. trying to figure out why I am not in my cozy bed. Oh yeah I remember it's because I have an almost two year old who decided to wake up and cry for about 20 minutes. It seems like lately when I get woke up I just can't get back to sleep. So I decided to come downstairs and actually post something since it has been over a week. Then I sat here for almost thirty minutes and could not think of anything to write (But I'm sure you have already figured that out.)

My parents arrived last week and the girls have been really enjoying spending time with their Grandparents. I have suddenly popped out and I guess it is because I am hungry all the time and constantly eating. Which is what I am going to do as soon as I finish this post.The weather is beginning to warm up and we are finally able to go outside. Other than that things are the same here and I have figured out I will not post at this time of night again because I really have nothing to say. I will be back again with something a little more interesting, but right now the kitchen is calling me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"I'm Right Here Momma"

Yesterday I was sitting in the bath thinking to myself, I really haven't felt this baby move yet. I know everything is O.K. I am just getting excited about this child growing inside of me. I do a lot of my praying in the bath because it seems to be the only time I have to myself. So yesterday as I was praying I asked God to let me feel the baby move. I thought to myself after I had prayed this I know the baby has to be a certain size and maybe it is just not big enough yet. So I went on with my day and didn't really think about this again.

So last night I had put all the children to bed and was laying on the couch watching T.V., and guess what? I felt it. It was not just a little flutter or anything it was distinctive movement and it
went on for about 5 minutes. I had a mixture of emotions flood through me at that instant. Happiness and excitement for this new little life, a little sadness remembering that I never got to feel baby Charlie kick and move around, and very thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who really cares about me and knows what I need when I need it. I felt like last night God was saying to me, "Susan I am always here and nothing is too little for you to ask me, just come and sit at my feet and I will listen."

So since last night my newest little bundle has been letting me know, " Momma I'm right here growing big and strong." I guess we have passed another milestone and what a glorious one this was.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Picking Your Nose

O.k. first of all I am not even sure if I should be blogging about this because I don't want to embarrasses my 9 year old but it was so cute that it is something I want to remember and share with her when she is an adult.

So this is what happened. The other day it was quiet time and my two older ones were playing Wheel of Fortune. I sat on the couch and watched them play this game and laugh and act like they were the best of friends. My husband and I have really been trying to focus on having the siblings be each others best friends because we have told them that they will always have each other no matter what. And who doesn't desire to have a friend who loves you unconditionally. So as they were playing the game the nine year old kept picking her nose. I told her, "You need to quit picking your nose or you will never find a husband and you won't have any friends."

This was her response and it was very matter of fact:
Nine year old: "Mom I already have friends."

Mom: "Oh, well who are they?

Nine Year old: " E of course, and she doesn't care because she picks her nose too."
By the way E is the 11 year old.

I sat there with nothing to say but thought to myself I am so glad that these two have become each others friends, and also nose picking buddies. We must be doing something right because they definitely love each other for their good and bad qualities. I guess I better start praying harder for that man out their to be a nose picking man.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Broken Man

My husband came home the other night at about 10:30p.m. and I looked at him and all I saw was a broken man. I could tell the minute he walked in the door that something was wrong. He shared with me that he is tired of working like a crazy man and never getting to see his kids. Let me take you back to a change that happened in our life a little over a year ago. He has been a truck driver for a little over ten years and we have always been blessed with him only being gone for one night at a time. Well about a year ago he was offered position in management. We thought this would be great for our family because he would be home every night. We knew it was going to be a significant pay cut but we knew that God would provide and that we would just cut back. Well it has now been a year and Daddy seems to never be home.

So this week I realized as he sat on the couch and shared all of hurts that have come with this job all I could do was listen and love him. There had been many nights when I was mad because he wasn't home and on those nights I should have been in prayer lifting up my husband instead of bringing him down. I realized this night that he is a man who loves God with all his heart and wants what is best for his family. We don't know where we are going from here. We are praying about what God wants us to do and we know that he will make the path very clear to us. I guess the reason why I right this is just a reminder to all of us that our husbands go out everyday into a very hostile world. I believe that God told me the other night that we need to be praying every day for our husbands. I know I was not doing that but I have begun and I will not stop.
Have a great weekend and remember let's lift up our husbands this week as they go out into the world to provide for our families.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trusting God

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine and we began to talk about trusting God. How many of us truly trust God and don't doubt Him? I think there are fewer than we think. We say we trust him but then we see an unexpected bill come in and we say to ourselves God I thought you were going to take care of me. Or you or a loved one has a sickness and you don't see the healing manifest that day so you say to yourself God I thought you said you would heal me.

Well as we were talking yesterday I realized that I want to be a person who trusts God at all times and I don't want to doubt him. I want Him to be the one in charge of every area of my life. Sometimes I felt like I was demanding things of Him and I don't want to be that way anymore. He is my Father and He knows what is best for me. I have a love in my heart for Him that I have not felt for a long time. I just want to crawl up in His lap and let Him take care of me.

I know that speaking the Word of God is very powerful, but I want to speak it to Glorify Him and not to get something from Him. He has given me everything I could ever dream of. I am promised a life with Him for eternity. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to surrender myself completely to Him and stop trying to figure out how He is going to make it all work. With that said I feel much closer to my Lord knowing that He is in control and not I. Thank you all for letting me share and ramble on.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Having a Servant Heart

The past couple of days I have had it laid on my heart that I needed to really focus on teaching my children to have a servant heart. I have been feeling like they need to focus on being the hands and feet of Jesus and having a heart that wants to help people. I know as a mother you need a heart that wants to serve. I see this missing sometimes in churches and I just felt like it needed to be taught in our home.

Well Yesterday we went to GoodWill and donated a huge load of items that we no longer needed. The kids had fun helping get everything ready and didn't complain about what Mom was giving away. When we were finished with Goodwill we decided to go have lunch. We were turning onto the freeway when we say a man holding a sign that said "WILL WORK FOR FOOD." I told the girls if we had some food we could give it to him. I then went on to tell them that Jesus tells us to feed the hungry and help the needy. I told them that when we get to heaven He will ask,"How come you walked past me when I was hungry?" I also told them that he knows our heart and he knows when we want to help but can't.

So then My husband said, "well we just helped cloth a bunch of people today." That made the girls feel good about giving their stuff away. One child said," We gave them shoes so their feet won't be sore." I could see that they were understanding what we were trying to teach them at that moment.

At the restaurant we were all finishing up and my 5 year old said," Mom I don't want the rest of my french fries because I want to go give them to that man." I said, "that is very nice honey but that is not the way we go home." I told her " Jesus knows your heart and he is very pleased." The other children started telling us that they wanted to give that man some of their food also. My husband said, " Well let's get a box and put everything in it that you want to give him and he will have a feast today." They were all so excited and wanted to quit eating and give the rest of their food to that stranger on the street.

On our way home we went back to the on ramp we saw him at and he was not their . My husband drove around the area and we couldn't find anyone. Then we looked over in an area that had grass and trees and it looked like someone was sleeping there. He pulled over and walked down to the area and gave the person the food. When he came back to the van he told us he thinks the person was sleeping so he just laid it down by them. The children were so happy because they believed they had found that same man. Well later that night when we were going to bed my husband said,"I don't think anyone was sleeping there today he thought it was just a bunch of old blankets." I told him,"That's o.k. Honey God say your good dead and he knew your heart was in the right place."

I am so thankful that God gave us this opportunity today to teach our children the act of serving someone and how simple it can be but how good it makes you feel.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I seem to always be a Day late with this post so I will try to be on time next week with it. I am thankful for many things this week as I try to have an attitude of Thankfulness at all times ( Remember I said try). This week I am thankful that the weather has been nice and we have been able to do things other than just sit in the house and stare at each other. This week we were able to go to the zoo and the kids really enjoyed being outside. The other thing that I am especially thankful for is that I am really beginning to feel alive again. The pregnancy has gone into the stage of being enjoyable. And the final thing that I am thankful for this week is just being alive, and able to see all of God's creations and feel his unfailing love that is so unconditional.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a 4 Year Old

This is really short but it is also very cute. Last Wednesday night our two oldest daughters got baptized. The younger ones were very excited and asked if they were going to be able to watch. I told them,"Of course you will I wouldn't want you to miss this." The four year old had heard us tell the other ones that they would be submerged under water but it would be very quick.

So Wednesday night when Daddy walked in the door he was greeted by the four year old who was jumping up and down and was very excited to tell Daddy something.
This is what she told him: " Daddy we are going to church tonight because the big girls are going to get their face dunked under water." We all just stood there in the kitchen and couldn't help but laugh. These are the moments that make being a mom the best job ever.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fellowship with Friends

Friday night we had a wonderful couple who we have gotten to know quiet well invite us out to dinner. We though to ourselves that would be nice to fellowship and get to know some more people at our church.

We all met at his little bed and breakfast that was absolutely beautiful. There were nine total and my husband and I really only knew the couple that had invited us. From the moment we got there until the moment we walked out of the door we had a grand time. The conversations were so rich I wanted the night to never end. I loved being with all of these people. We did not just talk about the weather and minimal things, we spent time talking and sharing and learning from each other about our Lord. It was awesome. My husband and I left there saying we have never been with a group of people who were not afraid to talk about deep issues. All of these couples are about 10 -15 years older than us and I see such wisdom in all of them.

To end our wonderful night we came to to a very awesome babysitter. This young lady is 16 years old and my children absolutely love her. She is a woman of God already. Her ministry is to babysit for couples so they can get a break and she does not charge anything. This Friday night I tried to give her some money since she watched our kids for 6 hours and she just looked at me and said, " I won't take that I get paid by my job and that is what my job is for." Remember she is only 16. I thought what an awesome girl she really is just wanting to serve and help people out. My husband who doesn't really pay attention to these kinds of things even said something. He came home and said, "Wow she is a great kid. I told her thank you for watching the girls for us and for staying so late for us." This is what she said,"That's O.k. You deserve it. I hope you guys had a good time." I just want to tell her mom you are doing a wonderful job raising your children to love God and serve him.

So that was our wonderful night that we had fellow shipping with friends.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well as all of you can see I am a day behind but I still wanted to say what I am thankful for.

This has been a grand week for our family. Our two oldest daughters got baptized on Wednesday night. I think about what this week represents for Christians and I think God could not have planned their baptism at a better time. I also learned from my girls that this was the time for them to be baptized and if they had not obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit they could have missed this wonderful experience. My oldest told me that she had that tugging in her heart but she didn't want to have to do this in front of people. Daddy talked to her and he said you need to keep praying this is your decision to make not Dad and Mom's. A few days later she came to me and told me mom it's not about me it's about Jesus so I need to do this. If we all could be so obedient when the Spirit prompts us.

The 9 year old knew right away she prayed and said she just knew that her heart was telling her to do this. I was so proud of both of them, Not for getting baptized but being still enough to listen to the Spirit of God and obey. I pray for both of them that will continue to be obedient in their walk and live in the full Glory of Jesus Christ.

The other thing I am thankful for is that the same man who led both of these girls to the Lord also was their to be with them as they washed their old away and their new beginning began that night. Who was that man you ask? It was their earthly Father who loves them dearly and is shepherding them along their path of life. Thank you God for blessing this family with a Godly man who puts you first in all areas.

And finally I am thankful for the debt that my saviour paid for me so I can live eternally with him in Heaven.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sister Sleepover's

I really can not remember when we started doing this with the girl's but I know it began sometime when we lived in Phoenix. A sister sleepover is really no big deal but the girl's think it is the best thing next to ice cream from Dairy Queen.

So the other night they cam to me and asked me if they could have a sister sleepover and first I said, "No." Then I thought to myself what is the big deal if they all sleep on their bedroom floor. You see this is what a sister sleepover is to them. They make one big bed on the floor and that is where they all sleep. So I said, "O.k. , but I want you to make sure you pick up all the blankets first thing in the morning." They all yelled, "Yes Mom." They were so excited. We ate dinner and since Dad was out of town that night I figured I would even let them stay up a little later than usual. After dinner and kitchen clean up they were gone. I didn't see them the rest of the night and when I went down to check on them and pray with them they were all sound asleep.

Now the funny thing about this sister sleepover is the fact that they all share the basement as their bedroom so I figure they have a sister sleepover every night. They don't see it that way though. If this is what makes them happy it makes me happy that they have learned at a young age to make their sister's their best friends. Boy they are going to have a great group of friends when they get who will always be their for them. God sure knew what he was doing when he designed our family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Day Out

Saturday afternoon I went to the city and did the much needed Easter shopping. One thing was different this year I took a special friend with me. My oldest daughter came with me so we could get her new Easter shoes. We had such a great time. For some reason it seems like I don't get to spend as much quality time with her as I do all the others. I sometimes think it is because she is very easy going and just goes with the flow.

Well on Saturday we spent all day together and it was like I was getting to know her all over again. She is only 11 but she is growing into such a beautiful young lady. We talked and laughed and she shared some of her concerns with me. Just little things but it was nice to be able to talk.

When we got to Jc Penny's to get her Easter shoes we found out that she no longer fits into the kid's sizes, so we headed over to the adults. Boy was that a treat. We looked for over a half an hour for just a plain white pair of flats. The guy that was helping us was very patient unlike Mommy. I really though we were not going to be able to find anything so we decided to leave. Just as we were walking by the last display we say them. A plain white pair of flats. They even had them in her size. Thank goodness the shoe tragedy had been taken care of.

We were off on our next adventure to find Easter candy. We decided to go to Target because she had money and she wanted to buy her self some flip flops. That was an easy find. As we headed down the Easter isle of course she was oohhing and aahhing over all the cute little packaging ideas and then she say the prices. She was so cute because she would say, " $2.99 for an Easter bunny that you are just going to eat in one day." I told her things aren't cheap and that is why mom and dad don't just buy you guys everything you ask for. By the end of the shopping trip I found out that I have a very frugal little 11 year old.

We ended our day out by having dinner together and we had a wonderful time. We went to Rubby Tuesday's and had the salad bar and their mini burgers. I think the thing I loved about us being at dinner together is how I really enjoyed my time with her. I didn't feel like she was bugging me and I really got to focus and listen to what she had to say. I know she is my daughter but I had just as much fun spending the day with her as I do spending with my girlfriends.

Thank you Lord for opening up my eyes and letting me see my little girl in a different light.