Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, April 30, 2007

A Typical Day

I have not been very good about blogging lately, but sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write about. Now I know that probably sounds weird to all of you because I am sure that you are thinking 6 kids, homeschooling, toddlers, and a baby there has to be something happening all the time. Well that's not always true.
So here is a typical day in our house. Get up, get the kids dressed, have breakfast and clean up the kitchen. DO some school fix lunch, eat lunch, clean up the kitchen. Quiet time, start dinner, have dinner, clean up from dinner.
So that is our typical day sounds pretty boring right.
Well what I forgot to add was.

Mom I need to go to the bathroom."

"Mom so and so hit me."

"Mom I can't spell Picture."

"Mom how do I do long division ."


That is the fun part, having that go on all day while you are trying not to lose your mind.

At the end of the day when you are tucking all of your sweethearts in and they all look at you with those adoring eyes and say "Mom you are the best." That makes all the craziness of the day just vanish. I sit and write this tonight and realize how truly blessed I am. I have 6 healthy little girls who love the Lord, and think their parents are the best thing ever.
God is Good!!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Houseful of Not So Many Maidens

Everyday I try as a mother to train my children to be children who love the Lord. Along with manners, school, life skills,etc...
Today I am finding that the area of manners is lacking. A wonderful family whom the Lord has put in our life for about a year now had us over for lunch on Sunday. The children were playing all day and everything was going great. The dads took the kids for a walk and the moms stayed at the house and got some quiet time which is very rare. This family that we visited they have 8 children and we have 6 so you can understand that it is not very often that this happens.
Well today I am ready her blog and she is talking about how one of her boys thinks he is a superhero because he can make himself burp!!!!! How heroic.

Well guess who he learned it from?

You guessed it . My sweet little 8 year old daughter.

I guess I have a houseful of superheros now instead of a houseful of maidens.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pictures,Bowling,and Thunderstorms

Yesterday was a day of wonderful Spring showers. Thunder and lightning and lots of rain. Mommy loves those kinds of days, but the children don't seem to think they are that great.
It was fun to just sit back and listen as they try to comfort the three year old whose eyes keep getting bigger and bigger as the storm gets louder and louder. One child tells her that it is just the Angels taking pictures up in heaven, another one tells her that Jesus is bowling, one says it is a big church clapping and praising God. All of these answers were very cute and sweet and I know that they were just trying to comfort her, but instead of comforting her we ended up having our own little thunderstorm inside.
All the girls got so excited about what they thought God was doing to cause the thunder and lightning that we had our own little debate about who was wrong and who was right.
Momma had to finally step in and say "Alright you are all correct know quit fighting and stop scaring your little sister." I am finding that I have 6 little mommies and they all want to solve the problem at the same time just with a different solution.
Well as I look at this situation I thank God for them being so sensitive and caring towards each other, now I just need to help them learn to understand that there way is not the only way. I know that will take a lifetime of learning( which mommy is still trying to master)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This Little Light of Mine

Well this Saturday night was a typical one for our family. Dinner, baths, getting church clothes ready,and then to bed. Everything went smoothly even the baby going to bed. Daddy and I were excited that we were going to get to bed early and not be tired for a Sunday morning. Well the baby woke up for her last feeding which was no big deal. I got up and feed her but when she was done she decided to show me her new trick. Well guess what that trick was? You guessed it, she holds her pointer finger up for me and shows me how she can do this "little light of mine," then she gets excited and claps her hands. Believe me Mommy was very excited and thought it was cute the first two or three times but after about two or three hundred times mommy doesn't think it is cute anymore. I am exaggerating just a little but I was watching the clock and after an hour and a half I was exhausted. Remember this is baby number 6 for us and we should not be having these types of things happen at night. We should know what we are doing and the baby should comply. Wrong!!! Well at 1:48 A. M. the light finally went out and boy was I happy. These are the times when I remember "to count it all joy..."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dad's Special Night

The other day my husband came home from work and he was emotionally tired and of course I wasn't being very helpful. I had that selfish attitude that my job is harder than his and he shouldn't be tired because all he does is sit in an office all day. Needless to say that did not go over to well with him.
That night as I am reading my bible and feeling sorry for myself I pick up my book "Created to be His Helpmeet" and begin to read. Well that didn't help because as I read I realize how truly selfish I had been acting. I also realized that I was teaching my daughters by my actions to treat their husbands excatly the same way I was treating their Daddy.
The next day I decide that we are going to have a special night for Daddy and we are going to treat him like a king instead of a slave. The girls and I fix him taco salad and get his favorite desert "Skinny Cows". (That is his favorite desert when he is watching his weight) The girls practice their piano and the little ones get a song ready to sing and everything is going great. Until the phone rings and my husband says," I am on my way home early tonight." Now I want you to understand he has only left work on time maybe five times, so this was a shock for mommy who still had to get the menu made, program made, hair fixed, and girls looking pretty for Daddy.
Well to get to the point everything got finished in time and when Daddy got home the girls were standing on the steps looking pretty and ready to have a Special night for Dad. The piano recitals went smoothly and my two little ones sang so sweetly. It was a night that Daddy will remember for a long time(and mommy too.)