Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Friday, September 25, 2009


Fall has arrived here in Southwest Iowa. The trees are beginning to change and the weather definitely has a chill in the air. I forget how much I love this time of year. The children play outside in the afternoon everyday screaming and giggling together. What a fun time of year. Before to long the weather will turn cold and we will spend a season inside again. During this season we will rediscover board games we haven't played for a while, books that need to be read, and creativity that sometimes get pushed to the wayside. The Lord is getting ready to give the earth a time of rest and also His children a time of rest. For now we will enjoy the cool crisp air and build memories that will last for a lifetime.


l.ann said...

I miss those colors! I miss that crisp air! We thought we had entered into fall too, but alas the temps are reaching toward upper 80's. I'm a midwest girl at heart I suppose!

Nana C said...

Susan, this was a lovely post. It was from your heart and I hope others reading this felt the happiness. Thank you, our tree leaves around town are beginning to turn also. love nana C

Tanya Ross said...

I love fall, it is so awesome and the air definitly has a chill in it. I love high school football and the harvest decorations that line the yards. It is a beautiful time. Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful season of change.