Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dad's Special Night

The other day my husband came home from work and he was emotionally tired and of course I wasn't being very helpful. I had that selfish attitude that my job is harder than his and he shouldn't be tired because all he does is sit in an office all day. Needless to say that did not go over to well with him.
That night as I am reading my bible and feeling sorry for myself I pick up my book "Created to be His Helpmeet" and begin to read. Well that didn't help because as I read I realize how truly selfish I had been acting. I also realized that I was teaching my daughters by my actions to treat their husbands excatly the same way I was treating their Daddy.
The next day I decide that we are going to have a special night for Daddy and we are going to treat him like a king instead of a slave. The girls and I fix him taco salad and get his favorite desert "Skinny Cows". (That is his favorite desert when he is watching his weight) The girls practice their piano and the little ones get a song ready to sing and everything is going great. Until the phone rings and my husband says," I am on my way home early tonight." Now I want you to understand he has only left work on time maybe five times, so this was a shock for mommy who still had to get the menu made, program made, hair fixed, and girls looking pretty for Daddy.
Well to get to the point everything got finished in time and when Daddy got home the girls were standing on the steps looking pretty and ready to have a Special night for Dad. The piano recitals went smoothly and my two little ones sang so sweetly. It was a night that Daddy will remember for a long time(and mommy too.)

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Allison said...

What a nice thing to do for daddy/hubby! You are setting a fine example, teaching your girls to adore their daddy and think of him!