Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Newest Little Mommy

It is so much fun to watch children interact and play with each other. As I watch my 16 month old I am amazed at how she is already picking up mothering skills. She plays with her babies and pats them on the back, gives them kisses, carries them around like a real baby, and is now even trying to change their diapers. We like to tease her and pretend her baby is crying,and it is so cute to see how concerned she is. I can see her little mind spinning trying to figure out how to comfort her sweet little baby doll. I definitely have been blessed with another little Mommy.
I love how the Lord molds and shapes our children at such a young age. It is truly a God given desire for a woman to want to be nurturing and mothering. I see it every day with all my six little mommies that I have in this house. I hope all of you other moms out there remember that this is what God has designed us for and when we embrace this, we are so blessed.
Now how can I not "Count this all JOY."

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