Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well I thought I would clean up my camera and download some pictures today and was surprised at how I have some great pictures of the kids but have not posted them. So here they are. Enjoy Family and Friends who are far away. Fourth of July at a FREE airshow. Who can pass up on something that is free.
The girls being Silly.
Oldest and Youngest!!!
Watching the Fireworks!!!

Fourth of July Picninc

Watching fireworks in the van becuase
it was raining outside. (What's up with mom's eyes)
Watching fireworks with coats and blankets.
We really don't miss the Arizona heat.
Bible study with Big Sis

Fun with the little man.
Planting for Nana and Papa.



Hope you all enjoy a look at what we have been up to and I hope to get better at posting.


Nana C said...

Susan, there are great! Family, fellowship and fun - you all do it so well. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics! I check your blog everyday for updates. Love you. - Kristen

PS - We don't miss the AZ heat either! (But we do miss the gorgeous January, February, and March!)

Blessedw5mom said...

Beautiful pictures! How fun to see the fun you've had.


Mrs. B said...

Oh how we miss you all!!! When I see pics it just makes the miles seem further than what they truly are. The girls are getting so big and you little man is becoming a little BOY in no time! Thanks for sharing - the girls and I loved looking!

Erik and Lorraine said...

Love the pictures. I can't get over how the kids change so fast.

bluecottonmemory said...

What great picts. I love the cake! No butterfly cakes here--it's all boys (5) and GI Joe tank cakes.

You are one blessed momma!

Janine said...

Hi there! I love your blog and think you are such an inspiration to me! I am going to be homeschooling my four girls this year. Any suggestions to make the house run smoothly??? Janine

Toni said...

Susan, the family photos are beautiful (because the family is beautiful) but the Little Tikes photo? PRICELESS.

Audrey said...

Off the wall question here about the cake pictures....did you buy each cake pan or did you borrow them? I made a cake for Hannah's birthday this last spring and it surprised me how much a shaped cake pan was. Whew! I was hoping there was like a mom co-op kind of thing out here for stuff like that. Any thoughts other than just keep shelling out the dough for more cake pans? :-)