Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dreaming about Food

My children have this strange obsession with food. I knew that my oldest one from the day she was born loved to eat but I didn't understand to what degree. The other night at dinner my kids started talking about different dreams that they have had lately. The little ones of course I could tell were making up their dreams and that is o.k. at least I know they have an imagination. But then my oldest began to tell me about her dreams.

Here they are: The first dream she had about a week ago was that she was a big piece of bacon and she could nibble on herself all day long and the size of this piece of bacon never got any smaller. (O.K. I have to ask myself what child dreams about being a piece of bacon)

The second one is that she is in Rain Forest Cafe and a monkey comes to life and begins to chase her. Instead of running to her family she tells me that she tells all of us that she loves us and runs off with her big plate of nachos.

I sat there and couldn't help but laugh. My eleven year old loves food so much she dreams about it. She is not overweight and is a very active child, thank goodness because this dreaming about food could become a problem if it got out of control. Children and their imaginations are so amazing.


Qtpies7 said...
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Heather said...

Hey....I have been to the Rain Forest Cafe and I would grab my nachos and kiss my family goodbye, too!!! :)

I just love Em. What an imagination!

Love ya!!!

~We are all led to the truth for which we are ready~ said...

Too funny! Dusty doesn't DREAM about bacon...he IS buy him the microwave kind and he cooks like four slices for a snack...anytime of the day...and when you ask him questions about the different places that we have lived...he ALWAYS talks about the food we had at this place or that he is accociating food with where we have Okinawa! He and Emily will have lots to talk

Becky said...

Oh that's cute!

Heather said...

Love it! Maybe she'll be a chef or short order cook!

Tanya said...

That is so funny, I am so glad that your children have such a wonderful imagination. I love food, that is my biggest promblem. But you have no worries.

Nana C said...

By the way, nachos are one of my top five foods! Well, I guess we will go the the Rain Forest Cafe to see the monkey!!!! Go Emily. Love Nana C