Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Still Winter Here!!!!

How boring the weather. Don't you get tired of it when all people talk about is the weather? Well I sure do and here I sit this morning and all I have to write about is the weather.

It is still winter here in Iowa and to be honest with all of you I am completely finished with this winter. Every time I watch the news and they say it is going to get cold again I can feel myself inside wanting to jump out of my skin. Then thye have they audacity to show you what the temps are in other places. Most of you know that we moved here from Phoenix and yesterday their temp was a high of 72 degrees. now that just made me cringe and think to myself what am I doing here?

This season I know will pass it just is taking longer than I would like. My husband jokinly said to me last night,"You know a couple of weeks into Summer and you will be telling me it is to hot and you want it to cool down." You know what is sad, He is right. Then in all of my craziness he asks me if I want to go back to Phoenix. Well that was the wrong thing to say especially at that time. I looked at him and said," You know how badly I want our children to live near their Grandparents and for the first time my parents are actually going to live near us." He looked at me a little shocked and I know it wasn't very Proverbs 31 of me but he just caught me off guard. I so badly want my children to grow up with Grandparents close to them and have what I had as a kid so if I have to suffer through the winters here and in return I have family close by I can do that.

So after all of that drama I will close for now because I feel like I am just rambling. But I sure will be happy when this winter is over.


Heather said...

Susan...don't feel bad. I LOVE winter, snow, etc and I am completely OVER it right now. There has been snow on the ground since November and it has been way too cold this year.

Unfortunately, Mark is correct...I bet by July we are posting about how stinkin' hot and humid it is! We will be praying for fall!!!! LOL!

Hang in there.

Love ya!

Allison said...

I'm with your husband! This may be getting old, but when mid-July hits and it's 105 outside and you can't keep the AC on as low as you'd like because it would cost too much, and the kids are climbing the walls because it is too hot to play outside, and going out to check the mail requires you to have to change your entire outfit from all the sweat, you'll be BEGGING for snow and wind chills and maybe even ice on the driveway! Hang in DOES go away! I always think how nice it would be if someone could figure out how to store all this cold air, and then let it out slowly in the summertime inside my house. Wouldn't THAT be useful? I know. I'm weird.

~We are all led to the truth for which we are ready~ said...

You will be just fine's been a weird winter here in Oceanside too...cold, and wet...we are heading for more storms today too...rain and more rain and cold. Our backyard has been wet since the end of November so we all have our weather "issues"

Lori said...

I understand you wanting the warmer weather, I totally empathize! We may have warmer weather during the day, but nothing could be more infuriating than running the A/C during the day and then the furnace at night from the freezing temps. And when it is warmer - it's RAINING! Today is very deceiving, as the sun is shining high in the sky, but looks aren't everything! The winds are so stinking chilly,it's not comfortable to be out in them. I know, as soon as summer is here I will be bellyaching as well!

Nana C said...

Everyone I talk to about the weather remarks that it is a very unusual winter and so I say this to shall pass. We as parents are most fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with all of our grandchildren. We are able to spend good quality time with them, more than when we both were working. We cherish those times, with your blessing, we are honored to see you soon. We love being with you, your husbands and the precious grandchildren all 8 , soon to be 9!!!!!!! no sadness!!!! Love Nana C

Tanya said...

Oh you know that right. I would like to just go outside and hop in the car without twenty minutes of warming it up. I am so tired of winter. The kids need to get outside. I think it is important to have grandparents around the kids. The children really benefit from them. Talk to ya later. Tanya

Sniz said...

I hate winter...and this time of year is the WORST. We will all be SO HAPPY when spring comes!

scooby71 said...

Oh let me remind you dear friend of the Arizona summers! You have the winter cabin fever. We have the summer cabin fever, remember? The car is so stinkin' hot you can't touch the door handles or sit on the seat, or touch the steering wheel!! You are a dripping mop before the air conditioner cools it off inside to a decent temp. Shoes are a must or you scald your tootsies and ahhh we mustn't forget the greasy sunscreen every time you want to go outside! A cold drink lasts about 3-5 minutes, tops. Electric bill? Must I really comment about that? Grocery shopping with ice chests with a bag of ice in the car and pray you get your groceries home still cold or frozen, especially the million and one popsicles you go through each summer. Just wait a few months, then you'll be listening to me complain and wishing it were late November! Hang in there - LOL!

Other Susan