Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Day Out

Saturday afternoon I went to the city and did the much needed Easter shopping. One thing was different this year I took a special friend with me. My oldest daughter came with me so we could get her new Easter shoes. We had such a great time. For some reason it seems like I don't get to spend as much quality time with her as I do all the others. I sometimes think it is because she is very easy going and just goes with the flow.

Well on Saturday we spent all day together and it was like I was getting to know her all over again. She is only 11 but she is growing into such a beautiful young lady. We talked and laughed and she shared some of her concerns with me. Just little things but it was nice to be able to talk.

When we got to Jc Penny's to get her Easter shoes we found out that she no longer fits into the kid's sizes, so we headed over to the adults. Boy was that a treat. We looked for over a half an hour for just a plain white pair of flats. The guy that was helping us was very patient unlike Mommy. I really though we were not going to be able to find anything so we decided to leave. Just as we were walking by the last display we say them. A plain white pair of flats. They even had them in her size. Thank goodness the shoe tragedy had been taken care of.

We were off on our next adventure to find Easter candy. We decided to go to Target because she had money and she wanted to buy her self some flip flops. That was an easy find. As we headed down the Easter isle of course she was oohhing and aahhing over all the cute little packaging ideas and then she say the prices. She was so cute because she would say, " $2.99 for an Easter bunny that you are just going to eat in one day." I told her things aren't cheap and that is why mom and dad don't just buy you guys everything you ask for. By the end of the shopping trip I found out that I have a very frugal little 11 year old.

We ended our day out by having dinner together and we had a wonderful time. We went to Rubby Tuesday's and had the salad bar and their mini burgers. I think the thing I loved about us being at dinner together is how I really enjoyed my time with her. I didn't feel like she was bugging me and I really got to focus and listen to what she had to say. I know she is my daughter but I had just as much fun spending the day with her as I do spending with my girlfriends.

Thank you Lord for opening up my eyes and letting me see my little girl in a different light.


Sniz said...

Oh man, I need to do this with my 11 year old! That's wonderful that you had such a wonderful day with her!

Heather said...

I take each of my girls on 'dates'. My son, too when he is home. I love spending individual time with them. I am so glad you got to spend that special day with Em.

Lookin' forward to our Guitar Hero 'date':)

Love ya!!!

Nana C said...

Great, that post was precious, yes it is the quality time and you seem to find it. Your girls are becoming maidens of virture. I love your daughter!!!! Nana C

Nana C said...

I left the s off of daughter, should have been daughters!!!! Love Nana C

Lori said...

Maybe this is what I need to connect with my oldest again. You've given me an inspired idea! (and you said that you couldn't help) Thanks!

Heather said...

Susan, what a great post about a great day! I look forward to spending quality time like this with Ladybug in the future. What cherished memories for our daughters!

Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

That sounds like such fun!
I have an 11 yr. old daughter too!
I would love to spend a day like that with her. Glad you had such a great time AND found the shoes!

Tanya said...

I spend time with my son, but I really have not done much with my daughter. When I am able to be up and around more. I will take her out and spend some time with her. I am glad you two had a wonderful time.