Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Monday, March 31, 2008

Having a Servant Heart

The past couple of days I have had it laid on my heart that I needed to really focus on teaching my children to have a servant heart. I have been feeling like they need to focus on being the hands and feet of Jesus and having a heart that wants to help people. I know as a mother you need a heart that wants to serve. I see this missing sometimes in churches and I just felt like it needed to be taught in our home.

Well Yesterday we went to GoodWill and donated a huge load of items that we no longer needed. The kids had fun helping get everything ready and didn't complain about what Mom was giving away. When we were finished with Goodwill we decided to go have lunch. We were turning onto the freeway when we say a man holding a sign that said "WILL WORK FOR FOOD." I told the girls if we had some food we could give it to him. I then went on to tell them that Jesus tells us to feed the hungry and help the needy. I told them that when we get to heaven He will ask,"How come you walked past me when I was hungry?" I also told them that he knows our heart and he knows when we want to help but can't.

So then My husband said, "well we just helped cloth a bunch of people today." That made the girls feel good about giving their stuff away. One child said," We gave them shoes so their feet won't be sore." I could see that they were understanding what we were trying to teach them at that moment.

At the restaurant we were all finishing up and my 5 year old said," Mom I don't want the rest of my french fries because I want to go give them to that man." I said, "that is very nice honey but that is not the way we go home." I told her " Jesus knows your heart and he is very pleased." The other children started telling us that they wanted to give that man some of their food also. My husband said, " Well let's get a box and put everything in it that you want to give him and he will have a feast today." They were all so excited and wanted to quit eating and give the rest of their food to that stranger on the street.

On our way home we went back to the on ramp we saw him at and he was not their . My husband drove around the area and we couldn't find anyone. Then we looked over in an area that had grass and trees and it looked like someone was sleeping there. He pulled over and walked down to the area and gave the person the food. When he came back to the van he told us he thinks the person was sleeping so he just laid it down by them. The children were so happy because they believed they had found that same man. Well later that night when we were going to bed my husband said,"I don't think anyone was sleeping there today he thought it was just a bunch of old blankets." I told him,"That's o.k. Honey God say your good dead and he knew your heart was in the right place."

I am so thankful that God gave us this opportunity today to teach our children the act of serving someone and how simple it can be but how good it makes you feel.


Nana C said...

Oh my , that must have been a glorious day for all. You and hubby are good, good people and as you have found that you need the Lord, he is leading you to that place to help people who need the love God has for all, your children are receivng lifetime lessons. God bless you all Love Nana C

Becky said...

I loved how you showed them that God knows their hearts and what they want to do for others. (because it doesn't always work out like we'd like it to)
That blessed me today.

Lori said...

"It is better to give and to receive"

"Freely ye have received, therefor freely give"

Tanya said...

Being a servant is so important. We have to be available for God's leading and being humble. Thank you for sharing that and it makes me think that I need to instill that in my children. Love Tanya

Faith said...

Cool story! :) With parents like you two, I know your daughters will grow up to be true women of God!

Mommy Dot Com said...

You've inspired me!

Heather said...

Good lesson. I am trying to teach my girls about having servant hearts, too. Jordan does well until we get to the Barbie's. She can't seem to let them go.

What a great family day....spending time together and serving the Lord:)

Qtpies7 said...

That is really sweet! Little kids are such sponges and filling them with the sweetest water of the Word of God will last forever!

I was able to get my glasses fixed. It was nothing short of a miracle! Noone thought they were fixable. The lady told me they would break, but she would try. I prayed and prayed for God to strengthen the metal and to guide her hands! Sure enough, they look just like new, and the lady was amazed! I told her I prayed for God to strengthen the metal, lol. Not sure what she thought, as she didn't really respond. But God deserves the glory!