Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Homeschooling Blues and Blessings

Well it is our second day of school during the year of 2008 and we are surviving. I love the fact that my children have always been at home with me and that they will continue to be schooled by Momma. The part I don't like is the everyday in and outs of homeschooling. I know there are mom's that absolutely love it but this mom is not one of them.

So you say to yourself then why is this woman doing this to herself? God laid it on my heart when my oldest who is now 11 was only three years old. He worked everything out for us and every year I see the blessings of this commitment to the Lord and the children. I think it is o.k. for us homeschooling mom's to be honest with each other and let people know that this is not an easy job but it is rewarding.

Last the principal of our school had to have a meeting with the two older ones about math. They both think this subject is just terrible and causes them so much grief in their lives. So the principal had a serious talk with them about not being lazy and respecting their teacher and all the other lectures that principals make. I sat back and listened and was in awe as he went over all the new skills they have learned and how truly smart they are. That was all I needed to know I was doing the right thing and then at the end of all of it today one was beginning to complain and the other sibling said remember we just have to change our attitude and ask Jesus to help us stay diligent. Now what public school kid would have said that to their classmate.

I love the fact that I was the one who taught my kids how to read, write , add, subtract, etc.. but the part I love the most is I have taught them to have Jesus be their helper and turn to him even for the little things.

So this goes out to all you homeschoolers: You ROCK and keep PRESSING ON even when you don't want to.


Susan said...

Dear Susan,

I just found your beautiful blog. I must say, what drew me was your name, hmmm, it's my name too!

You are the mom of 6 girls, and I'm the mom of 5 sons! Funny huh? I'm sure we could have fun exchanging our stories! I'm now the grand-mother of 3 beautiful little girls...finally.

Now, mine are all much older, but I will never forget the days you are in.

I applaud you for home-schooling! I think it is so wonderful.

I pray 2008 will be a great new year for your family.

Nice meeting you!


Kellan said...

I am not a homeschooling mom, but I give a lot of credit to those of you that do - a lot of credit!!! Keep at it mom - I'm sure you are doing a great job. Kellan

Nana C said...

God has blessed me with your blessings through the girls. You are their best teacher for you have the Teacher, Jesus. He has given you wisdom, knowledge and HOPE! It is good. Love Nana C

Lori said...

It is very hard to keep it all up especially when this excuse strolls by and that excuse flags me down! I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that even through the years that our school is "sketchy" at its best...they are learning FAR more than just the norm that other children aren't as aprised to. Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

Tanya said...

Oh, how many days I did not even want to school the kids. I wonder if I even effect the kids? But, I would not change a thing to be with my kids and to teach them new things. I totally want to be the one to tell them about issues they would learn on the playground or other things. I am so blessed to be raiseing children for God.

Becky said...

Awesome post! Thanks for the encouragement! : )
When the kids see the Lord help them with those subjects they aren't fond of (like math) it makes everything seem worth it.
Thanks for reminding me to appreciate what the "classmates" say to each other!

Tot's Mom said...

Hope you will find success in what you do. Homeschooling requires lots of patience and I salute your commitment to making this work!

Sniz said...

Thanks for posting this honest look at homeschooling. I love and need this kind of encouragement refreshes me.

It's my fifth year to homeschool. I didn't get the "call" until my oldest was in fourth grade (he's in eighth this year) but my youngest has never gone to public school. My husband is so impressed that I taught her everything she knows.

Nice to meet you---there are lots of other moms like you plugging away too!

Heather said...

Great blog!! We haven't started schooling yet. We will begin again on Monday. I am already feeling the blues. You are definitely right about homeschooling being better than public school...even on the 'sketchiest' homeschool days!

There have been days upon days when we have done absolutely NO 'traditional' schooling and there have been days when Animal Planet has been their main source of education! However, I firmly believe that my children's character is stronger because we homeschool. Reading, writing, math, science,...they can learn that anywhere. Having Christ-like character...they can only learn that at home!