Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Eventful Week

Wow I just realized I have not posted anything in almost a week.

You think to yourself I must have had some exciting week.

Well I can't say it was exciting but it was definitely eventful.

Daddy went to Reno Nevada on Wednesday morning so we were left here to keep up the fort for a couple of days. I was actually a little excited because we were going to double up on school and then do what girls do best. Giggle and have snack food and watch movies.

Well that plan came to a screeching halt Wednesday night when my three year old told me her tummy hurt. This was told to me after we had pigged out on pizza. My first thought was she just ate to much and she needed to lay down. At 9:30 P.M. everything changed and that is when all of mommies plans to have fun went straight out the window.

You guessed it the three year old got SICK!!! All over the carpet. Not a big deal just get the steam vac and clean it up but remember we had pizza that night. That's enough of details I am sure you can imagine what I was up against.

With the help of my 11 year old we were able to get the three year old bathed and the carpet cleaned before the wonderful orangish, reddish color set in. I thought after all that we would get some sleep. Well I was wrong it was not just that the three year old had eaten too much it was a full blown case of the stomach flu. Mommy got woke up about every half an hour to help the little one get the bowl situated correctly, so we had no more explosions on the carpet.

We made it through the night and the next day it started all over again with the 7 year old. So this is how we spent our week that was supposed to be fun. We even had two play dates set up that we had to cancel. What a bummer. Maybe next time when daddy is going to be gone I won't plan anything and we will just keep to our regular routine.


Allison said...

When we lived in Germany, EVERY TIME MY HUSBAND LEFT ON A TRIP, to boring places like FRANCE and ITALY, and ate exotic food and toured historical places and was given free stuff just because he was an American and I'm sure because he is so yummy in uniform, at LEAST one child would start vomiting! It became a joke. Ya know, because leaving a mom of many at home alone in a foreign country with vomiting kids and no 24-hour Walmart is just so funny! I feel your pain, Susan!

Becky said...

Oh, I'm feeling for you! My hubby and I were cleaning up pizza vomit just last weekend. BLAH.
My kids seemed to only get a flu bug when he was away too.
Why is that? : )

Nana C said...

Well, Susan you were sick once when I was gone for the weekend, your long hair and Dad was there to be "the Mom" Yuk! I do so remember the bowls by the side of the couch! and pillows covered with a towel. Anyway You all are great Moms! Thank you to big sisters too. Nana C

Heather said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I was wondering what happened. I didn't hear from you about hanging out on Friday night. I figured maybe you ended up having other plans. I guess you did! Sorry to hear your week was spent holding hair back and spot removing. Luv ya!!!