Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Love and not Disrespect

Well, I am not really sure if I should be blogging about this situation that my husband and I just went through, but it is hilarious and I laugh just thinking about it. This last Saturday we as a family had a lazy day and did absolutely nothing. The weather forecasters (who know absolutely nothing) were calling for this huge ice storm. It turned out to be a little bit of freezing rain and that was it.
As the day went on I could tell something was wrong with my husband but he wouldn't tell me what it was. Towards the late afternoon he could hide it no more and he had begun to start groaning. At that point I knew he was in pain and I insisted on knowing what was wrong. He told me it felt like he had a broken rib but he couldn't figure out why the pain was not consistent. We both tried to figure out what was wrong; a broken rib, pleurisy, gas, kidney stone,etc.. I told him that it seemed like it was getting worse and we should probably go to the doctor and find out what was wrong. Reluctantly he decided that was the best thing to do.
Walking into the hospital I have to tell you all that I was embarrassed for him. Here is a grown man talking in a whisper because he doesn't want to take a breath, afraid of the pain he gets each time he breathes. I say to myself God knew what he was doing when he had women bear the children.
After the Doctor had gotten done poking and prodding and taking x-rays we found out that hubby had pulled a muscle near his rib cage.
Give me a break all that moaning and groaning for a pulled muscle. I was sitting in the ER trying my hardest to show respect and not laugh. Then you will never believe this. They gave him Valium. Can you believe that? I didn't say this but I was thinking I gave birth to six of your children and three of them completely drug free and they give you Valium for a pulled muscle. At that point I realized why God is the one in charge and not man. I truly believe there would have been an end to the world because men would never make it through the pains of pregnancy let alone childbirth.
Now let me explain myself I love my husband and he is a great and Godly man, but he is a WIMP when it comes to pain. Honey, this is said out of love and not disrespect.

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