Those who plant in tears will harvest SHOUTS OF JOY. They weep as they plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the HARVEST.

Psalm 126:5-6

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday and it has started out to be a very eventful day. My husband had to work at his second job this morning but he will be off by 1:00 p.m. so we can spend the day together then.

My morning started with my 11 year old making me breakfast in bed and ooh was it yummy. She made me fried eggs and English muffins with orange soda to drink. She is going to be such a good mommy someday.

After breakfast I came down stairs to post about my birthday and got distracted by the smell of a burning pan. The 11 year old had forgotten to turn off the burner and the empty pan was a smoking inferno. As I was helping my daughter get the smoke out she looked at me and said mom," I think you should ground me from cooking for a while." I think she is right.

Just to let you all know that lately she has had a bad habit of smoking up the kitchen. First it was a bag of popcorn that she overcooked in the microwave, then it was a piece of toast that got stuck in the toaster, and then yesterday it was croissants that she put in the oven and turned the broiler on to get them done faster, but this just caused them to come out looking like charcoal. So I think the 11 old will be removed from the kitchen for a while and this will be torture for her since it truly is her favorite place.

Thanks my beautiful 1st born for helping me to always remember my 34th birthday. And I really do mean Thank You.
I Love you girl.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday sister! I don't think you should ground her from the kitchen, but rather just make it a learning lesson to pay more attention. Tell Em to look at it this way - one more mistake in the kitchen is one more learning experience of what NOT to do the next time. She has almost fullfilled her 'quota' in her practicum "burning 101".

Kellan said...

What a sweet post about your Birthday and your darling daughter. Happy Birthday - I hope it was wonderful. See you soon. Kellan

allie said...

That's okay miss susan i least my mom didn't blog about the time i made my parents an anniversary breakfast. i made cinnamon apples over the toaster.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday!
I loved that she served you orange soda. So cute! : )

scooby71 said...

I'm sure you will look back and laugh at this someday as I am chuckling reading it. I know had that been me, I would have had a meltdown. Emily has a servant's heart - what a precious child God has blessed you with! I pray you had a wonderful finish to your special day! I truly enjoy reading your blogs and hearing about all the wonderful adventures and joy that God has blessed you all with! I love you and miss you much my dear friend! Susan

scooby71 said...
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Heather said...

Happy (belated) birthday, sister! Sounds like it was a great one! See you Friday for G4G!

Susan said...

I am so excited to see that my friend Susan is making comments. I love ya girl.

Toni said...

ROFLOL! Oh my. OH MY! Susan, welcome to "Toni's World." (Think "Elmo's World" theme song; my dh sings it to me all the time with my name inserted.) Here's your post:
Just to let you all know that lately she has had a bad habit of smoking up the kitchen.

And now here's what I thought I read:
Just to let you all know that lately she has had a bad habit of smoking up *in* the kitchen.

My uncle had an upstairs kitchen. Simultaneously, I thought, "Whoa, they have an upstairs kitchen too" and "Whoa, her 11yo has developed a bad habit of smoking up there?"

It pays to read CAREFULLY, Toni. CARE-FULLY! ;)